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  • 3 Elements of a Good Trade Show Booth Design

    A well-designed trade show booth can make or break your show. While a well-designed space can encourage people to visit your booth and take notice of what you have to offer, bad booth designs will often fail if paired with unprofessional service. From picking the right trade show displays to figuring out proper lighting, we list three elements of a good trade show design:

    Hire a Professional:

    While it may not seem impossible to put together a few banner stands and counters, it takes a professional to understand space constraints and make sure that your booth makes optimum use of all the space that’s available. There are creative professionals who can help you design the space, decide on how different elements are managed, and make your products stand out.

    Telling Your Brand’s Story:

    Educating guests about your products and getting them interested in your services is one of the main motivations behind setting up at a trade show. The design of your trade show booth should reflect the brand image of the products you offer and introduce elements of the story you’re planning to tell. For example, if the idea is to launch a product during the trade show, use hanging fabric trade show displays above the product. Or, use banner walls to create a back wall as a stage décor.

    Lighting is Equally Important:

    Smartly lit booths can accentuate design elements and hide trouble areas. Lights can also be used to highlight products in a creative way. A well-lit space is inviting and encourages guests to spend more time inside the booth, allowing you more time to explain your product or service.

    Looking for high quality trade show displays? We can help! Call us on 877-389-8645 for more information…

  • 5 Banner Stands to Use for Indoor Expos and Trade Shows

    Established brands with a superior range of products may have an edge over others, but the industry is always changing. Trade shows and conferences are an ideal platform for companies to showcase their products and services. Indoor expos, however, tend to get crowded. If you want people to notice your booth, here is a list of banner stands that you should be using.

    Tension fabric tabletop displays – With display areas restricted to small booths, you have to think outside the box to market your brand and make it stand out amongst the competition. Product launches can be done using the right combination of graphics and slogans displayed with tension fabric table top displays to engage customer attention interactively.

    Portable banner stands – Designed with transportation and convenience needs in mind, portable banner stands are generally sold with carrying bags, they can be easily stored without worrying about the material or text getting warped or crushed.

    Pull up banner stands –These require a relatively small storage area and are worth their weight in gold as they are both lightweight and compact. Some models are even robust enough to be used in all weather conditions. When dressed with colorful graphics and set up in a perfect location, pull up banner stands will grab attention of new and dedicated customers.

    Retractable banner stands –These banners may remind you of a window shade at home, but the only thing you need to do to get them up and running is pull them out of their base and set the support pole. This is ideal to keep people engaged if your team is busy working with other customers.

    Banner Walls – During indoor expos, a small wall is all that you may have to set up your display.  But if used well, you can still use that for maximum effect. For example, retractable banner stands of the same size can be joined together to form a large banner wall to create an effective display.

  • The 7 Tips You Missed Before Your Last Trade Show

    Everyone in the business world has their first trade show experience at some point or another. After your first show, there always seems to be the most takeaways that you know you'd incorporate or do differently the next time. Below are some tips to hopefully give you a head start before your first or next show.


    Odds are, when you booked your last trade show, you didn’t give as much thought to “where” your booth was, until you arrived at the show. Once you’re at the show, it seems to be a lot more obvious where all the traffic is drawn to and where you wish your booth was at. Try to remember where the booth was that had all the traffic at your last event; most likely it was in the main walkway. Just like selling products, positioning at a trade show has a huge impact on your overall success. Remember, the earlier you book your booth, the more spaces you’ll have to choose from, so get a head start and book sooner rather than later.

    If you find yourself booking a space late in the game and you’re left with spaces that aren’t the most ideal, it’s not the end of the world. This is when it might be worth the extra investment to get directional pop up a-frame banners or floor graphics to point people in your direction. There’s always a place for display that will get people where you want them.

    Display Quality

    If your last trade show was your first trade show, you might have gotten shown up by the competition who weren’t experiencing their first rodeo. If you think back to the booths that had swarms of people around their booth at any given point in time, not only were they in the main walkway, but they probably had an irresistible display.

    Focusing on a stellar display may seem like frivolous spending of your precious budget, but you have to keep the study of human psychology at the forefront of your decision making process. People are naturally drawn to things that look good. Don’t make the mistake of slacking on the overall presentation of your trade show booth. You’ll regret it when your competitors are driving all the traffic to their booths with their immaculate trade show displays.

    Get Social

    Not only is it important to be social and outgoing at the show to create new relationships, but being active on social media will help your success tremendously. Start by creating a campaign on the platforms that you have established the most. This will help you let people know about the upcoming show and help you drive more traffic. A great way to get people excited about visiting your exhibit is by sharing sneak peaks or possible prizes/deals you’ll be featuring at the show. Give your followers an additional incentive to share the information you’re posting, by offering additional prize entries, or something creative that doesn’t cost you extra.

    A common mistake that exhibitors make, is getting carried away with the event and neglecting their social feeds during the show. If you need to hire an intern or someone to manage the engagement on your social media during the show, do it! Keep the excitement going and keep the feed updated throughout the event. Social campaigns during an event are a also a great way to gain new followers. Small giveaways for a “like” is a great strategy for this.

    Share What’s New

    Back to the human psychology, people love anything “New”. If you have products or services that haven’t been introduced to the public yet, share them at the show! Don’t worry; if you don’t have anything that is “new” remember that often times, when we work with certain products or services every single day, they don’t seem new to us, but to the rest of the world, it is new! That being said, don’t be afraid to tack on “New” to your displays that feature your products or services that aren’t widely recognized by the general public.

    If you’re looking for ways to display what is new, tension fabric displays or banner walls are a great way to showcase your product or service in a big way. These eye-catching displays will surely bring in the inquiries. If you’re looking to provide additional information, a table top display is a great solution for more content to go into further explanation.

    Be Nice

    While making your booth visually appealing is important and helps to bring traffic, don’t forget to bring it back to the basics of customer service. While your Expand banner stands might get potential customers in the door, it will be your charisma and customer service that makes the impression that lasts. Make the impression a good one; remember to smile and concentrate on forming quality relationships.

    Hold Your Horses

    It’s no secret once you’ve worked a trade show; they’re exhausting! It is easy to get antsy about leaving and you’re going to want to pack up as soon as the show starts dying down so you can beat the traffic and be done. The truth is, you never know when you’re going meet the person you were hoping to meet the entire show. While there aren’t any guarantees, a good rule of thumb is to plan on sticking it out until the end. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met the most valuable contact of the entire show after the crowds died down. Good things come to those who wait and don’t pack up at the first sign of traffic slowing down.

    Analyze the Show

    You may have noticed at your first trade show, that you forgot to implement something to track how many people visited your booth, how much product you sold, or how many appointments you setup. Make sure you have things in place to be able to track your success. Everyone will measure their success differently based on their goals, so it is important to set your goals before the show and then implement a strategy to track it so you can do better at your next show.

    If you need help with any of your trade show booth design or layout, let the Trade Show Display Pros help! Give us a call at 877-389-8645.

  • Space Link Makes the Perfect Retractable Banner Stand Wall


    Retractable banner stands are incredibly popular as free-standing displays. They're quick and easy to set up, and come in a huge variety of widths, heights and base styles, so it's possible to find a model for almost any trade show space or display need. It was only a matter of time until people started seeing greater potential for these displays by using them together to form banner walls and backdrops.

    Portable banner stands have always been popular for making banner walls because they have no base with a mechanism to retract the banner. This allows the banner to be full width of the display so that when multiple banners are placed side-by-side, there's no gap between them. They are still the best option for making a straight banner wall that's virtually seamless, but since they don't retract, the banners must be removed and manually rolled up between uses. This takes time and allows more opportunity for the banners to get damaged, both during the set up and take down, as well as while they are stored. Retractable banner stands don't have this problem, but the bases are wider than the banners themselves, so there would always be a gap between the banners when making a retractable wall.


    That's where the Space Link banner stand is unique. It was designed specifically to allow multiple stands to be placed together to form a banner wall, and it has a special design that eliminates the gap between the banners. By having the banner exit the bottom of the base, rather than the top, and angling the shape of the base, the Space Link allows the banner to be the full width of the front of the base. Because of that, when stands are placed together, there is no gap between the banners, making the only virtually seamless retractable banner wall on the market. Because of the slight wedge shape to the base, the Space Link is not a good solution for a straight banner wall, as there would be a larger gap between the banners than with a traditional banner stand. But for a curved banner wall, the angle between the stands is ideal to eliminate the gaps between
    The Space Link has some additional features that make it ideal for creating banner walls and backdrops. There are magnetic connectors in the top rails that link the stands together to ensure there are no gaps, and the banner almost completely hides the front of the base and top rail so only the graphic is visible. Other features include a push button release for the lid, a removable roller with both a snap rail and panel strip mounting option, and a deluxe travel bag for each stand. All these features add up to make the Space Link Retractable Banner Stand the perfect model for creating curved banner walls, as well as being an excellent stand for individual use.


    We've made the Space Link Banner Walls our special this month to increase the awareness of this unique product. To take advantage of this offer, use the coupon code JAN2016T during checkout to save $100 when either size banner wall is ordered with banners.


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