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Display Lighting

banner stand spotlightDisplay lighting is a great way to add impact to your trade show displays and banner stands, which is especially important at trade shows or other venues with traditionally poor ambient lighting. Trade shows usually have dim lighting, so displays with lighting will stand out, which is critical since trade shows have so many displays competing for attention. That makes display lighting a very cost effective method to increase the impact of your display and attract more potential customers.

We have many different styles of banner stand spotlights, including LED models for greater energy efficiency and low heat. We also have flood lights for trade show displays such as pop up displays and tension fabric systems. These also come in halogen or LED versions. LED lights are especially important at events that don't allow halogen lights for fire safety reasons.

Some display lights are designed to work with specific models, but we also have universal lights that can work with almost any display. Look through the lights in this category and contact us if you need help in selecting a light for your particular needs.

  • Backordered

    Available 01/17

    Aurascape LED RGB Light Bar
      Set of 2

    Aurascape LED RGB Light Bar

  • padded spotlight case

    Spotlight Case

  • Silver Light Banner Stand Spotlight

    Silver Light Spotlight

  • Silver Light LED Spotlght

    Silver Light LED Spotlight

  • Space banner stand spotlight with case

    Space LED Spotlight

  • Expand banner stand spotlight

    Expand Banner Stand LED Spotlight

  • Portable banner stand light

    Portable Banner Stand Spotlight

  • portable banner stand light travel bag

    Spotlight Travel Bag

  • Lumina 200 LED Floodlight

    Lumina 200 LED Floodlight

  • Expand 200 watt floodlight

    Expand 200 Watt Floodlight

  • Expand LED floodlight

    Expand LED Floodlight

  • BannerUp Plus Halo spotlight

    BannerUp Halo Spotlight

  • BannerUp Plus LED spotlight

    BannerUp LED Spotlight

  • Veraflex Halogen Spotlight

    Versaflex Floodlight

  • Expand Spotlight Replacement Bulb

    Expand Spotlight Replacement Bulb

  • Universal LED Banner Stand Spotlight

    Universal LED Spotlight

  • Tube Frame Banner LED Spotlight

    Tube Frame Banner LED Spotlight

  • LED Banner Light

    LED Banner Light

  • LED Arm Banner Stand Spotlight

    LED Arm Banner Stand Spotlight

  • Expolinc 15 Watt LED Spotlight

    Expolinc 15 Watt LED Spotlight

  • Expand GrandFabric LED Floodlight

    Expand GrandFabric LED Floodlight

  • Cascade LED Display Light

    Cascade LED Display Light

  • Cascade LED Double Sided Light Kit

    Cascade LED Double Sided Light Kit

  • Emporium LED Floodlight

    Emporium LED Floodlight