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Counters & Kiosks

 counters and kiosks

Counters and kiosks are excellent as trade show displays that can be used as supplemental parts of an overall exhibit, or even as the entire display depending on the situation. Some of the counters in this category also function as shipping cases, while others are just used for display purposes. Counters provide excellent gather places at trade shows, and offer counter space for displaying products and literature, offering refreshments, or filling out paperwork. Kiosks are generally used as demonstration areas, information centers, video presentation stations or product displays.

The counters and monitor kiosks are portable and easy to assemble, and we have various styles to suite different needs. As with most of the displays we offer, there are available products we have chosen not to offer on our website If you have a particular need and don't see a product that will work for your situation, give us a call so we can help you find what you're looking for.

  • Expand PodiumCase Options
      graphic extra

    Expand PodiumCase

  • Expand PodiumCase XL

    Expand PodiumCase XL

  • Expand PodiumCase for LinkWall
      graphic extra

    Expand PodiumCase for LinkWall

  • Expo Case Podium and Shipping Case
      graphic extra

    Expo Case

  • Expolinc Case & Counter
      includes graphic

    Expolinc Case & Counter

  • Expand PodiumBox
      Available in 2 Sizes

    Expand PodiumBox

  • Expand PodiumCase Presentation Counter
      Limited Time Offer

    Expand PodiumCase Special

  • Expolinc Standard Case

    Expolinc Standard Case

  • Expolinc Standard Case XL

    Expolinc Standard Case XL

  • Formulate Charging Tower
      Charging For 16 Devices

    Formulate Charging Tower

  • Formulate Charging Counter
      Charging For 8 Devices

    Formulate Charging Counter

  • Mesa Pop Up Counter
      Graphic Size 79.6 x 34.8

    Mesa Pop Up Counter

  • Hopup Counter
      Graphic Size 67.25 x 39.25

    Hopup Counter

  • Expolinc Portable Table

    Expolinc Portable Table

  • Embrace Counter
      Graphic Size 66.5 x 39.5

    Embrace Counter

  • Hybrid Pro Counter 2
      Graphic Size 45.6 x 25.9

    Hybrid Pro Counter 2

  • Expand MonitorStand XL

    Expand MonitorStand XL

  • Hybrid Pro Counter 11
      Graphic Size 79.4 x 35.2

    Hybrid Pro Counter 11

  • Vibe Monitor Stand

    Vibe Monitor Stand

  • Hybrid Pro Counter 9
      Graphic Size 39.4 x 32.3

    Hybrid Pro Counter 9

  • Linear Monitor Kiosk 5

    Linear Monitor Kiosk 5

  • Linear Monitor Kiosk 1

    Linear Monitor Kiosk 1

  • Symphony Three Quad Counter
      Graphic Size 25 x 42

    Symphony Three Quad Counter

  • Symphony Oval Double Grand Counter
      Graphic Size 25 x 42

    Symphony Oval Double Grand Counter