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  • How to Build Brand Awareness through Trade Shows

    Branding is an essential aspect of marketing, and trade shows are an ideal place to establish your brand name. The challenge lies in looking for ways to establish positive connotations within the target market in a simple but memorable manner. Here are some tips on creating a buzz around your business that can lead to more customers.

    Making Brand Awareness an Essential Part of the Exhibit

    Exhibitions can be a powerful extension of a firm’s advertising and public relations as well as enhance brand awareness. Ensure your marketing and promotional materials around the booth, like retractable banners, are consistent and have the same logo, typeface, colors, and characters. People’s perception of a brand is subjective to personal experience, and this can be established by consistently emphasizing its qualities through several exhibits of different types.

    3-Dimensional Exhibits

    Create an impactful message on all sides of your booth especially for exhibits located in a central area that can be viewed from all sides. Having a 3-D display allows you to get the maximum traffic and impact for your brand. You can then convey the product’s personality and the company’s logo to everyone who passes by. Exhibits that keep changing shape or colors and are visible from a long distance are most likely to grab viewers’ attention.

    Bring Brand Ambassadors

    Get your most vocal employees to exhibit your brand and discuss its features with potential customers. Employees that talk about products and services in an engaging manner through Q & A sessions and games act as brand experts and have the ability to create a positive and lasting impression on the visitors.

    Trade shows are a great way to reach out to key audiences outside your immediate local area specifically if the product is for a competitive industry or for a new vertical that is outside your comfort zone. They can help to connect with a new group of potential buyers and expand the market, making your business more successful.

  • Common Trade Show Mistakes that Every Sales Associate Makes with Displays

    Trade shows provide a perfect opportunity for companies looking to connect with customers directly and create a positive impact on them. With the right touches to your booth design and displays, you can enhance the overall appearance of the booth and also emphasize the power of your brand. There are many ways to customize trade show displays with appropriate colors, designs, and content, but sometimes a lack of focus or excess enthusiasm in trying to push the brand leads to errors that may destroy changes of getting new customers. Here are some common errors with displays to avoid when attending trade shows.

    Too Much Content

    Banners and posters are commonly used for displaying the brand and connecting with customers. To create an impact with these displays, the text has to be easily readable and should convey the message within seconds. However, sometimes the temptation to explain products and their qualities is so acute that marketers fill every inch of the display with descriptions. This can make the displays hard to read and overwhelming, making them less effective than a simpler design.

    Missing Social Media Details

    Every firm in the market today has social media handles to connect directly with customers online. Display these details using fabric trade show displays around the stall or in different locations around the exhibition to promote the brand’s social media handles. This allows customers and potential customers the ability to stay in touch and see promotional material. These different modes of communication help firms to show their commitment towards the quality of their products and services, so never avoid miss out showing your social media side.

    Going Overboard with Creativity

    Enthusiasm and creativity are great, but sometimes the saying “less is more” holds true for trade show displays. Keeping the display region free of excessive and lengthy content is just as important as keeping it free of unnecessary artwork. Make the designs attractive, attention-grabbing, and smart so it conveys brand image succinctly. Outshine your competitors with bold colors and readable typeface from a short distance to get the most from a trade show.

    Use trade show display items like retractable banners and popup banners effectively by avoiding the above errors.

  • Are These Mistakes Affecting Your Trade Show Success?

    Trade shows are platforms where you can discover new clients for your products and services. Are you looking for ways to increase your trade show performance? While exhibiting at a trade show, mistakes can happen, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie. Learning from the failures of past exhibitions is one of the best ways to improve your marketing strategies. Having been in the business of selling trade show displays for so many years, we have formulated a list of common mistakes you should avoid:

    Poor Trade Show Displays

    Underselling your company with bad graphics is the number one mistake. Bad graphics do nothing to encourage visitors, which means potential clients won’t want to know more about your products and services. Exhibiting your products and conveying your marketing message through attractive fabric trade show displays is essential. A great exhibit can tell booth visitors about your business and brand image. Buy from our range of trade show displays to create a long-lasting impression with your customers.

    Wrong People in the Booth

    Inadequately trained booth staff can be a huge disappointment. Staff hiding in a corner all the time, or staff focusing on their smartphones, don’t help attract aisle-walkers to your booth. Poor staff can negatively affect your ROI and leave a bad impression with your customers. Instead, you should bring the best team to engage every passerby—you want to draw attention to your brand and services. It is vital to train staff if you want to generate a positive experience for attendees and bolster your brand.

    Ignoring Social Media Marketing

    It's 2019. If you aren’t advertising your business on social media and interacting with potential clients, you’re in big trouble. Be active on social media pages before, during, and after the event. Use social media tools to generate buzz for the event. Make images, videos, and posts about what’s happening at your trade show event. Come up with a hashtag that’s specifically used for hosting contests. Create a gallery of your exhibition’s imagesonInstagramor Pinterest to improve your online presence. Encourage people walking by to stop at your booth so they can take photographs with your branding logo. Post statuses and updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and be active on a variety of other social media outlets.

    Focusing on Quantity over Quality

    You may be tempted to focus on the quantity of leads rather than the quality of the leads. Qualified leads are not excited by the opportunity to win a prize or receive giveaways—they are the ones who may have spoken with you for long enough to know about your products and services. Four or five qualified leads are better than collecting hundreds of business cards from people you don't know anything about. A quality lead is the one that results in a sale. Ask open-ended questions while engaging with prospects to understand their mindset.

    These are some of the common trade show pitfalls you need to avoid. Learning from these mistakes is a key to success. Have you made any mistakes that negatively impacted your ROI? Share with us in the comment box below.

  • Trade Show Tips for Attracting Prospective Clients to Your Booth

    A successful trade show requires a great deal of planning and research. It is one of the greatest networking tools in today’s marketing world. If you’re an exhibitor looking for trade show tips, here are a few golden rules to increase your leads for a positive return on investment.

    Engage Your Visitors

    Engaging tradeshow attendees is vital because when people walk by your booth and getting them to stop and look at your exhibits is critical. If you want to stand out, it is essential to create a long-lasting memory either by having attractive signage or hosting contests, giveaways, fun activities or games. Great ways to attract attention is by using interactive experiences with virtual reality headsets and touch screens like tablets at your booth that let your client engage with the pre-programmed content. The content can be videos, demos, or information about your products and services.

    Give Undivided Attention

    With all the buzz around SEO and digital media, we may sometimes lose sight of human connection. Tradeshows and expos are a great way to enhance this connection. Normally people buy from someone they trust, like, and are by their side. It is vital that your exhibition staff stay energized throughout the day to deliver valuable insights about your services. Since you are industry experts in your own domain, you can use this excellent opportunity to educate the trade show attendees. When you build a strong relationship with your clients and see them at future events, you can also ask for referrals.

    Create Outstanding Booths

    Successful trade show exhibitors know the importance of a quality booth. The key here is to think creatively and design effectively. Based on your budget, you can purchase high-quality retractable banner stands, or tabletop retractable banner stands that have outstanding graphics in attractive colors. When you use large and easy-to-read fonts, your brand message can be highly visible even in the larger setting.

    Consider Promotional Giveaways

    Giveaways are an essential marketing strategy to elevate your brand and attract potential visitors to your booth. Creating a sort of “game of chance” can get people involved in a fun system for collecting entries. The prize you offer should be appropriate for your target audience. You can consider giving electronic gadgets, tickets to entertainment, mobile phone accessories, power plug kits, personalized tote bags, reading glasses, promotional pens, elastic bands, T-shirts, or other marketing items. These gifts can develop a favorable impression of your brand in the audience’s mind.

    Trade shows play an essential role in your company’s marketing strategy. It is vital to adopt the right approach for connecting with prospective clients. You can use of all the above tips to generate leads that will actually convert.

  • Essential Techniques for Selling Your Products at Expos and Exhibitions

    If you’re planning to have a successful trade show, the level of effort you put in matters. You can use this platform to increase your brand awareness, learn about what’s going on in your industry and network with potential customers. Here’s a list of top trade show tips and strategies to maximize your return on investment.

    Product Demonstration

    Have you ever visited a marketing event and noticed a large gathering in a certain area? The crowd may attract you, and so you may take a peek at what’s going on at the booth. In the middle of the crowd, you’ll find someone demonstrating a product or service. Product demonstrations grab customer attention. Giving product live demos at trade shows is a great way to attract your audience. This is a great way to help people remember your product long after the event.

    Celebrities for Trade Show Appearances

    If you’re trying to create a buzz around your conference or marketing event, it is good to book actors, TV reality stars, comedians, musicians, and entertainers to draw a crowd. It is essential to choose the right personality or speaker based on your company’s marketing objectives.

    Banner Stands for High-Quality Displays

    With expos, conferences, marketing events and trade show season approaching, you may want to invest in a high-quality banner stand. You can buy affordable and easy-to-use trade show banner stands online for maximum visibility. Our retractable banner stands come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and brands to help you make a lasting impression on your customers. You can also check out our other products such as tabletop banner stands, banner walls, outdoor displays, replacement graphics and different banner designs at great prices.

    Sales and Executive Teams

    It is essential to recruit the most active players for exhibiting your products at the trade show. Make sure your team dresses well with a common style so that it will be easy for your visitors to identify your exhibit staff and make sure that your exhibitors have salesmanship skills while engaging with the customers. Prepare your team to deliver brand messages concisely, accurately, confidently, and consistently. It is essential to have a well-planned and well-executed face-to-face interaction that can amplify your brand presence.

    These tips can surely help you rock your next conference or live marketing event. As mentioned earlier, our banner stands can make your tradeshow booth look great. We wish luck in generating more leads and improving your marketing goals.

  • How To Make Your Trade Shows Successful

    There are hundreds of statistics which prove that trade shows offer immense opportunities for small and medium sized businesses – either by way of meeting potential customers or networking with like-minded professionals. Trade shows and exhibitions are an important marketing strategy for businesses. If you are new to trade show participation, here are a few things to help your business shine:

    Preparation is Important:

    Success in trade shows isn’t random; companies plan things months in advance. First and foremost, inform the stakeholders in advance so that they can make travel plans and book tickets. You can also time the launch of your product or make an important announcement around the time of the trade show to boost publicity. Prepare an email blast to share the announcement with friends, clients, and other stakeholders.

    Work Towards Creating a Positive First Impression:

    At Trade Shows, first impressions are everything and correlate with building long term relationships. If you want people to visit your booth and stay there, spend time and money to perfect your booth’s design. Brand imagery is a major factor towards shaping consumer opinion. This includes buying high quality trade show displays like retractable banner stands and briefcase displays.

    Ground Staff is Important:

    The best trade show displays and banner stands are a waste if your ground staff cannot deliver your message properly. Look for workers who can connect with people quickly and know lead generation tactics. Make sure they have a clear goal for the event and have ample training.

    Are you looking for affordable trade show displays? Call us!

  • 5 Banner Stands to Use for Indoor Expos and Trade Shows

    Established brands with a superior range of products may have an edge over others, but the industry is always changing. Trade shows and conferences are an ideal platform for companies to showcase their products and services. Indoor expos, however, tend to get crowded. If you want people to notice your booth, here is a list of banner stands that you should be using.

    Tension fabric tabletop displays – With display areas restricted to small booths, you have to think outside the box to market your brand and make it stand out amongst the competition. Product launches can be done using the right combination of graphics and slogans displayed with tension fabric table top displays to engage customer attention interactively.

    Portable banner stands – Designed with transportation and convenience needs in mind, portable banner stands are generally sold with carrying bags, they can be easily stored without worrying about the material or text getting warped or crushed.

    Pull up banner stands –These require a relatively small storage area and are worth their weight in gold as they are both lightweight and compact. Some models are even robust enough to be used in all weather conditions. When dressed with colorful graphics and set up in a perfect location, pull up banner stands will grab attention of new and dedicated customers.

    Retractable banner stands –These banners may remind you of a window shade at home, but the only thing you need to do to get them up and running is pull them out of their base and set the support pole. This is ideal to keep people engaged if your team is busy working with other customers.

    Banner Walls – During indoor expos, a small wall is all that you may have to set up your display.  But if used well, you can still use that for maximum effect. For example, retractable banner stands of the same size can be joined together to form a large banner wall to create an effective display.

  • Ideas To Make Your Trade Show Banners Show Stoppers

    Trade shows are an essential part of product promotion, and with the introduction of modern technology, these shows have become even more popular. To attract the attention of casual onlookers and potential buyers to their booth showcasing products and services, marketers use a wide variety of display materials like fabric tradeshow displays and pop up backdrops around their stalls, along with tabletop banners and briefcase displays decorated on tables. According to marketing experts, display materials used in trade shows should be simple and clean with eye-catching content.

    Banner designers have many standard layouts that are proven to attract more attention. So, remember to choose the right design layout with high-resolution images to be displayed on your banner. Your slogan and logo with the right complementary colors can becomes the show stopper of the trade show and get a ton more eyes on your business.

    • Using the right colors

    While it makes sense to use a color palette that is close to your corporate image, the best results can be achieved with the use of contrasting colors. If you are using a medley of colors on opposite sides of the color spectrum try to use impactful tones that are effective instead of being overwhelming. For instance, fluorescent colors that are harsh on the eyes won’t get the reaction you hope for.

    • Selecting suitable graphics

    Simple and imaginative images with bold slogans are effective in creating memorable visuals for your trade show stall. Ensure that you invest in an effective banner design and create customized graphics that can be used across all your tradeshow banners. It may be tempting to get maximum value out of fabric tradeshow banners that are used in strategic locations around the venue by loading it with artwork, but multiple images can dilute the visual impact of the banner. As pictures and graphics speak more effectively than words, it is critical to use the right images on the banners.

    • Short and sweet

    When banners are designed for display at trade shows, their main function is to grab the attention of people walking into the exhibition and also of other participants at the trade show. Instead of complex long descriptive sentences, use simple bullet points that act like “call to action” buttons in encouraging viewers to approach the stall to learn more about your brand and products.

  • 4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Banner Stand

    Banner stands are a great way to promote your business, not only during tradeshows and outdoor events but also at shopping malls and retail outlets. However, not all banner stands are made alike; some are suited for certain purposes while some aren’t. If you do not have a clear understanding of the different options, here’s a simple guide to help you pick the right product.

    • Buy a banner stand that’s sturdy and strong:

    There are plenty of Chinese products flooding the market. These are cheap for sure, but we cannot vouch for their quality. If you’re looking for quality and versatility, we wouldn’t advise buying them. Most banner stands are used for outdoor events; hence, buy products that are likely to withstand the elements. Custom designing these trade show displays isn’t an easy task – you will have to work with the designing team to include the logo, brand message, etc. With so much effort to put in, wouldn’t you want your display to last a long time?

    • Pick the right size:

    Before you buy banner stands or any other trade show display, make sure that you are aware of the size and space dimensions. This helps you buy signage that fits well in the space you have and provides optimum exposure. If the banner stand is too small, people will fail to notice you. And if it’s too big, you’ll have less space for customers and other elements of your overall display.

    • Work with the design team:

    At Trade Show Display Pros, our in-house graphics team can help you design your banner stand to make your display stand out from the crowd. If you don't have the ability to do your own design, this is a great option. A catchy display is sure to impress potential customers and increase your chances of achieving your marketing goals.

    • Speak to the customer service team:

    Different banner stands serve a different purpose. For example, a retractable banner stand is commonly used for tradeshows and exhibitions because they are easy to set up and take down. Portable banner stands, on the other hand, are often combined to create banner walls. They’re also perfect for people looking for affordable options.

    If you’re looking for banner stands, shop for them at Trade Show Display Pros. We offer a huge selection of trade show displays in every size, style, and design!

  • Benefits of Quality Banner Stands at Trade Shows

    If you’re intending to promote your business at a trade show where there’s going to be a lot of competition, investing in a well design sign will definitely help. High-grade quality banner stands can provide the extra touch which will allow you to display your brand on a superior, retractable banner stand. The benefits are hard to beat for many reasons.


    • Attracting Attention

    The primary use of banner stands is to grab your audience’s eye with attractive displays containing your business logo, product, or services. The layout should highlight your brand amidst the competitors and should serve in bringing trade show attendees in your direction.


    • Number of Varieties

    Banner stands differ according to their utility. They are available in a variety of different sizes, from small tabletop banner standsto big retractable banner stands, enabling you to achieve exactly the right impact.


    • Affordable

    Participating in trade shows, whether as a big business or a small one, can be expensive. That’s why choosing banner stands at reasonable prices is a great idea. The rewards are huge and the investments are generally low and fair.


    • Easy Assembly

    Most trade show marketing require attractive displays to assemble. A good quality retractable banner stand, from, is extremely easy to both set up and to disassemble, allowing you to make the most of your time at your trade show.


    • Portability

    Carrying massive amounts of trade show display equipment can be challenging. That’s why it’s best to take advantage of portable retractable banner stands. The quicker and easier you can get going, the better outcome you’ll have at the show.


    For your next trade show, go to www.tradeshowdisplaypros.comand browse at our high-quality tabletop and retractable banner standsall at a great value.

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