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  • Trade Show Display Stands to Help You Brand Your Business

    Creating a positive impression at a trade event is very important for small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses must represent their brand, products, and services in the best possible way. Thankfully, with trade show displays, you don’t have to break the bank to do so! Portable and budget-friendly banner stands like the ones mentioned below are perfect for getting your brand message to a wide audience.

     Retractable Banner Stands

    Retractable banners, also known as roll-up banner stands, are the most commonly used banner stands. One of the main benefits is that they can be set up and taken down easily and quickly. They are popular because they are inexpensive and can be found in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price ranges.

    Fabric Banner Stands

    These are the perfect alternative for pop up stands and traditional banner stands. Fabric banner stands are available in different sizes and shapes, so they can serve different purposes for marketing products and services. The push-fit provision in these banners allows users to set them up quickly without the need for special tools. Plus, the fabric covers on these displays are washable and changeable. You can order additional covers separately for quick replacement.

    Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

    Like traditional banner stands, tension fabric trade show displays use the same graphic material on both sides to give them a consistent look. The graphic material is stretched across the frame system, and dynamic shapes and depth in these stands attract potential customers. These displays can be easily folded and shipped without causing damage.

    Table Top Banner Stands

    Table top banner stands can be placed on tables and counters to gives details and features about products or services. These are portable and easily included in larger display areas.


    Contact us for help selecting the marketing tools that fit your budget and make the greatest impact on potential customers.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience

    A trade show is a gathering of experts, investors, business leaders, enthusiasts, media, and customers—all under one roof. Unlike cold calling, trade shows provide a face-to-face marketing opportunity to connect directly with customers and prospects. Exhibiting at a trade show provides a multitude of benefits such as boosting brand presence, establishing customer loyalty, generating highly targeted business leads, and increasing sales. If you own a business or plan to establish a brand presence at a trade show, use these tips to get the most out of your experience.

    Promote Your Attendance

    Get the word out that you are exhibiting at a particular trade show with your website, emails, social media channels, etc. Invite your customers, clients, suppliers, and other contacts to attend the exhibition. Give them all the details, such as the location of your trade show and booth number. You can also contact the sponsor of the event to take advantage of the preshow marketing tools. Most of these tools will be available within the cost of your trade show exhibit space.

    Design Your Trade Show Booth

    When exhibiting at a trade show, make sure to keep the branding consistent throughout the entire booth area, including images, retractable banners, freebies, etc. The designs of your trade show displays should be bright enough to attract customers to your booth. You can also bring in digital signage and interactive touch screens to your booth for educating your customers, demonstrating your products, and engaging with your booth visitors.

    Be Friendly to Attendees

    Train your trade show staff to make visitors feel comfortable enough to stop and check out your booth. Greet guests and make eye contact with your attendees. You must also be mindful of the people near your booth and train your staff on ways to engage them with questions. Do not forget to thank attendees for spending time at your booth when they leave. You can consider providing food, beverages, and water bottles to those who visit your exhibit area.

    Engage People with Activities

    There are numerous ways to generate an audience to your trade show booth. Games such as trivia contests, casino-style games, prize wheels, jumbo board games, Plinko, matching contests, and quizzes can entertain your guests. You can also hire a musician, comedian, and other artists to make your booth stand out from your competitors. Close up magic, wire bending, digital caricatures, balloon twisting, and the human statue are some compelling forms of entertainment that help to generate a buzz and attract customers to your booth.

    Engage in Mindful Networking

    When networking at trade shows, engage with people and make new business contacts. Have enough business cards with your company information and contact details so that you give potential customers something to walk away with. Get to know the meeting points at the venue or reserve a small space in your booth to offer a private networking experience to potential contacts and customers. Instead of staying within your circle of acquaintances, start conversations with strangers to expand your networking circle.

  • Trade Show Ideas to Maximize Brand Visibility

    Exhibiting at trade shows is an effective way of gaining unique business opportunities in your industry. You get immediate access to potential customers, industry leaders, and business partners. It also provides you the opportunity to meet suppliers and resellers in a prospective market. Pulling off a successful trade show takes time, patience, a budget, and an efficient marketing strategy. Here are a few tips to ensure maximum brand visibility and success at your next exhibition.

    Plan Strategically and Ahead of Time

    Trade shows require a significant amount of resources to capitalize on the opportunity, so you need to start planning your event a few months in advance. More planning often equals less stress during the exhibition. Make a concise budget of all expenses and stick to it. Outline your end objectives and come up with a game plan. By outlining a clear idea of what you want to achieve by attending a trade show, you can set yourself up for success. This can also help you to consider all of the elements of your upcoming trade show.

    Measurable Goals

    A clear set of measurable objectives can guarantee you get the best return on your investment. Some common trade show goals include building a better relationship with clients, unveiling new products, increasing brand prominence, generating qualified leads, creating networking opportunities, gaining publicity, bolstering press coverage, learning about emerging industry trends, and more. By focusing on goal-setting, you can improve your profitability. Whatever objectives you set, make sure they sync with your marketing plan. Write your goals, educate your team on them, and continue to work towards achieving them. Make time to review your goals regularly and analyze their effectiveness after the trade show as well.

    Develop the Right Marketing Material

    During the planning phase, note all the marketing materials needed for the event. Business cards, brochures, sales sheets, lanyards, flyers, trade show displays, demonstration products, training materials for booth staff, signs, retractable banners, and display boards are some of the event materials to consider. You may also need promotional items such as balloons, key chains, tote bags, t-shirts, water bottles, headbands or other products to hand out to everyone who visits your trade show booth. Make sure you align these marketing materials with your brand logo for maximum reach.

    Create Interactive Experiences

    Interactive touch screens can help to drive engagement at trade shows. You can embed touch screen technology in walls, panels, or tables to deliver your brand story or product information. Make use of virtual reality to bring your brand and products to life. It can attract attendees and provide a unique educational opportunity. You can also use digital technology to combine gaming with touch screen and motion recognition technology for an interactive experience. Another method is to invite attendees to recharge their batteries, literally and figuratively. A charging station can draw people in and encourage them to stick around for a while.

    Offer Contests and Giveaways

    Everyone loves a chance to win. Hosting games and contests can attract people to your trade show booth. As these games and contests pique the interest of attendees, you can expect high foot traffic to your booth. Gaming consoles, matching contests, prize putt-putt, trivia games, Plinko, counting games, digital fishbowls, scratch-off cards, jumbo games, email sign-ups, prize drawings, and photo contests can encourage people to participate and win prizes. Whatever game or contest you decide to host, create a level of comfort and fun while making a connection that extends beyond the exhibition floor.

  • Creative Trade Show Ideas to Boost Traffic and Sales

    Unique trade show ideas and promotional concepts can help to differentiate your exhibits from the rest of your competitors. Trade show booths often take a lot of preplanning, so there is nothing more disappointing than a low engagement with your audience. Luckily, there are many proven methods that will help to bring the crowd towards your booth. You can incorporate these ideas to catch customer attention and find more prospective customers.

    Make a Visually Appealing Booth

    To help make your booth stand out, lighting is the key. Add lights to your displays to make your booth more visible and appealing. You can also place retractable banner stands with specific visual features for maximum impact. A uniquely designed signage can pull the crowd to your brand. Use a fabric banner to display your logo and product’s image in a large, attractive format. Be creative and consider neon designs to highlight your business content.

    Make it Interactive

    Many trade show attendees love to explore the latest advances in technology. As people like to experiment with new tech gadgets, give them the opportunity to play in your booth. Some top ideas include projected gaming systems, touch screen technology, remote-controlled drones, etc. Whatever technology you decide to incorporate, make sure you link it with your products, services, or brand.

    Organize Games and Contests

    Select trade show games and activities that educate your visitors about your brand and products. Happy crowds tend to bring more people to your trade show booth. With the help of games and contests, you can leave a positive impression on your clients. Trivia games, gaming consoles, social media raffles, counting games, and prize drawings are some great ideas for you to get started.

    Offer Memorable Freebies

    Giving away swag can send customers home with your logo and a positive impression. Offer items like reusable water bottles, phone chargers, seasonal products, notepads, flash drives, pens, coffee mugs, and lanyards that are imprinted with your logo. It can help your company to stay at the forefront of your customer’s mind even after the trade show ends. The more useful products you gift, the better will work as a promotional product.

  • Ideas to Attract Customers to Your Exhibition Stand

    Trade shows and business expos are a competitive and hectic environment as each exhibitor is trying to grab the attention of attendees. This makes it important to know how to turn this opportunity into an extraordinary business success. If you have signed up to exhibit your products at a trade show, here’s what you need to do:

    Build an Attention-Grabbing Booth

    An eye-catching booth can get your business noticed in the bustling exhibition hall. You can use fabric trade show displays, and retractable banner stands with high-quality graphics to display your brand logo, products, and marketing messages. A well-rounded booth with catchy trade show displays, attractive promotional items, and contest opportunities can help to engage with your target audience and stand out from your competitors. It can also help to create a lasting impression in the minds of potential clients. Also, make sure your booth is well lit.

    Use Multimedia

    These days multimedia has become a common sight at exhibitions. A combination of text, sounds, images, lights, and movement lets you present information in many different ways. Other types of useful multimedia include animation, custom video, interactive games, augmented and virtual reality. By incorporating multimedia into your trade show display, you can educate attendees, capture attention, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression on your brand. It can help to tell your story and evoke emotion from your audience.

    Have an Appealing Aroma

    One way to get your brand noticed is through delicious smells. You can entice your customers to stop by your trade show booth by offering aromatic food and beverages such as cookies, popcorn, coffee, tea, wine, etc. Attendees are drawn to these smells, and they will appreciate the free snacks and beverages. Have your staff to serve these foods to engage in conversation with booth visitors and identify prospective customers. You can also spray your exhibit with attractive scents that come in the form of electric candles, air cannons, and aerosol cans.

    Grab Attention in Seven Seconds

    You only have about seven seconds to grab your customers’ attention. Use this time to convey who you are and what you offer in a captivating way. You can make use of promotional giveaways such as providing discounts or giving away thumb drives, wearables, glassware, writing instruments, calendars, office items, etc. This creates a buzz around your booth and is a great way of making sure your brand is remembered long after the event. By offering freebies, you can collect the contact details of your customers and make a database of prospects based on the buying potential.

  • Popular Types of Trade Show Displays

    Trade shows include intense competition as businesses try to outdo each other with flashy trade show displays and creative marketing ideas. You aren’t just trying to find the best buyers but also scoping out competitors and looking for industry trends. Irrespective of the multitudes of display types, there are some that remain popular. Here are a few classic trade show display options that are unlikely to go out of fashion:

    Banner Stands

    Banner stands are a popular choice for trade show displays of all sizes. They are easy to set up and take down, and they are relatively inexpensive. They also transport well; you can pop them inside their protective cases and carry them on a bus, train, or other public transport. They are versatile and can be used as standalone displays or combined with other banner stands to create an impressive back wall display. They’re available in a wide range of styles and sizes including portable banner stands which are lightweight, have few moving parts, and cost less. Retractable banner stands have a roller mechanism, making them easy to set up and take down.

    Exhibit Truss Systems

    Truss systems are just one step short of a completely customizable exhibit. A typical truss system includes several truss parts and back wall pieces. Although they look impressive, they can be set up quickly and without the need for sophisticated tools. They are durable, highly functional, and easy to maintain. Most truss exhibits are designed in a way that visitors can get a 360-degree view of the booth. At Trade Show Display Pros, we offer truss kits that are structurally engineered to be stable and safe. Plus, you can choose to build pre-designed shapes or request a customized configuration.

    Multimedia Displays

    Multimedia displays are perfect for drawing traffic into the booth and capturing audience attention. For example, iPad displays can be used as a presentation station, an interactive kiosk, or an information display stand. With interactive multimedia displays, it is easy to engage potential customers and inform them about your products and services while you are busy with other attendees. They can be great for getting information to potential customers in an engaging and clear way.

    Do you need help choosing trade show displays that are right for your business? Call us!

  • How to Keep Fabric Displays Clean

    Fabric trade show displays have become popular over the years because they are easy to use, set up, and transport. Plus with some care and maintenance, they can last for a very long time. If you own fabric displays, here’s how you can protect them from damage:

    Cleaning the Fabric

    Always read washing instructions carefully to prevent potential problems because cleaning instructions vary depending on the fabric type. Most fabric trade show displays are made of polyester or polyester blends. These can be machine-washed or spot-cleaned. But washing instructions also vary depending on the display stand (i.e. tension fabric banner stand, hanging fabric banner display, etc.). Fabric blends and construction styles will vary accordingly.

    If the instructions allow the fabric to be washed in a washing machine, select the delicate cycle and use cold water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals. Remove the fabric display promptly after washing to avoid wrinkles. Hang the fabric to dry or attach it to its display stand. Do not expose the fabric to dry heat. If the instructions recommend hand washing the display, soak it in cold water using very little detergent and wash it gently.

    Some fabrics can be spot cleaned using a mild stain remover, depending on the type of stain. Clean the stain by working from the outside and gradually work your way in to prevent the stain from bleeding. A word of caution: not all fabrics can be spot cleaned, so it is best to check with the supplier or read instructions before you begin.

    Storing the Fabric

    When storing your display, make sure the fabric is folded so that the design is inside to prevent dirt or grease from accumulating on the display image. Fold the fabric loosely to prevent creasing and store it in a dry place away from sunlight. The temperature in your storage facility should be around 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent mold and mildew.

    If you aren’t sure about the instructions, don’t hesitate to call us at 877 389 8645. We are equally committed to providing a great pre-sale and after-sale experience!


  • Why Do Portable Trade Show Displays Make Sense

    Are you planning for an upcoming trade show or exhibition? Business owners often find themselves unable to choose between large and expensive displays, like the Truss System and exhibit islands, and smaller portable displays. Some of the benefits associated with choosing the latter include:

    Portable Displays Are Straightforward

    Portable banner stands are easy to set up and take down, and they’re also flexible and versatile. And since they don’t have a lot of moving parts, they tend to be lightweight and therefore very popular. Additionally, transporting these stands is easy, so they’re great for exhibitions and trade shows. X banner stands, for example, are preferred for product launches and retail showrooms; they are lightweight, compact, and very appealing.

    Portable displays are also perfect for businesses that are short on staff, for a single staff member can set up, arrange, or dismantle these displays quickly and without assistance.


    Unlike customized exhibit islands that can set you back a few thousand dollars, portable displays are inexpensive. A typical 24-inch portable banner stand costs around $70, or even less if you buy in bulk. But the benefits don’t just stop at price. Portable banners tend to be lighter and more resilient than most banners. And when you purchase high-quality portable banners online, you can save on shipping costs by buying in bulk. Get a product that you can get several good years of use out of!

    Easily Updatable

    As it was said earlier, portable displays are durable, so you can revise and update the banners—depending on the product or service you’re promoting—without ever having to worry about the banner being compromised. If you want, you can have a different display for every exhibition. And at Trade Show Display Pros, we sell great replacement banners for unbeatable prices.

    If you’re looking for portable displays at affordable prices or you’d like to know more about banner stands that may match both your requirements and budget, visit our website!

  • Small Things That Matter Most at Trade Shows

    The costs associated with trade shows may seem daunting to both small- and medium-size businesses. But when matched with an excellent marketing, a great PR strategy, and high-quality trade show displays, it’s easy to generate a good return on investment. But a grand booth design and jazzy displays don’t always ensure success. Below we list a few small things that’ll require attention:

    Manners Matter

    It’s important to set guidelines for staff to follow. When faced with an unfamiliar situation, staff members can reference these guidelines to know how to proceed. Besides, good manners are key to making good impressions. Make sure everyone in the booth is knowledgeable about the company, its goals, and the products/services they provide. Staff members must be proactive, willing to help, and approachable.

    Restrict social media use, texting, Internet browsing, talking on the phone, etc. All staff members should be dressed professionally, and bad posture like slouching and leaning on walls must be discouraged.

    Establish Clear Goals Before the Event

    Are you launching a product or service at a trade show? Do you aim to network with fellow industry professionals at an event? Will you be focusing on identifying qualified leads? If you understand your goals, it will be easier to both employ qualified staff and customize your training programs accordingly. For example, if your focus is on identifying qualified leads, you should encourage staff members to gather as much information as possible in a short amount of time, that way visitor potential can be adequately assessed; you could also prepare careful questions that staff members could use for guidance. And remember that individual-specific data is so much more valuable than bulk data.

    Invest in the Right Trade Show Displays

    You don’t have to go the whole nine yards and buy expensive trade show displays. Instead, choose accessories that will make your booth stand out. Affordable, customized table covers, for example, display your logo and brand name and they’re great for attracting customers. Also, eye-catching retractable banners or innovative product displays could encourage visitors to stop and learn about your company.

    If you’re planning for an upcoming event or exhibition, visit our website! We can help you find great trade show displays that won’t break your budget!

  • Buying Criteria for Trade Show Displays

    While purchasing trade show displays most businesses find price constraints to be a final deciding factor. This sometimes pushes them to compromise on quality, forcing them to accept substandard display materials. Low-quality display products have detrimental effect on the brand as people tend to equate their products to the displays. So here are some important criteria to get the most value from your investment in displays for trade shows and exhibitions.

    Quality Displays

    Displays designed for trade shows should be customized to suit the brand’s image, so the marketing team should look beyond the price and regard it as an investment. While planning the design, the content and layout manager in charge should ask designers to give quotes for displays that can last for around 4-5 years. While graphics will typically need to be updated every year to keep the content fresh, well-maintained tradeshow displays made of durable materials can last for many years, and top brands typically have a lifetime warranty on the display itself.

    Flexible Displays

    Invest in displays that are flexible enough to fit the changing needs of exhibition and marketing information that needs to be displayed. Pop up banner displays made from fabric panels are available in a wide range of designs and shapes, and several models of trade show displays are designed to allow for easy reconfiguration into a variety shapes and sizes. These can be used for multiple occasions and venues and by customizing the graphics to suit different trade shows, a single display can perform like several displays.


    Trade show booths function as display areas and workspace for booth staff. They give the space to make product demonstrations, share information about the brand, engage in meetings with prospective clients, and store essential personal and promotional materials. Purchasing display products like retractable banners for standard size trade show booth will give you a functional space to attract and impress potential customers.

    Ask the Professionals

    Design your displays with the help of banner designers experienced in making designs for trade shows. Displays designed by professionals can help with brand building and generating sales inquiries. These experts know how to plan long-term marketing campaigns through appropriate displays based on the image the brand wants to create. Some of these professionals even travel to large shows to help support marketing teams to design creative exhibits that can attract more people.


    As a business, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your trade show. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to invest wisely in your trade show booth displays, helping you to get your brand out there and increase sales.

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