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  • How To Create Breathtaking Banner Stand Displays For Trade Shows

    Trade shows present numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. They are highly competitive events, as businesses are vying for the attention of event attendees. If you don't stand out from the rest, you won’t get a lot of attention, which means participating will pretty much amount to a big waste of time. But don't worry! We can help you make your next trade show worthwhile. Just implement these tips and you’ll be able to design an eye-catching banner that attracts plenty of attention.

    Learn About Color Psychology

    According to studies, colors significantly affect a person’s mood and they even have the power to influence behavior. So, your retractable banner stands should be designed with this in mind. That is, use colors strategically so they convince passersby to learn about your brand and make a purchase. Don’t use too many colors; such a display will overwhelm booth attendees. Instead, use a few colors that go well together.

    Engage The Design Experts

    Since your marketing materials will be judged and compared on trade show day, you can't afford to have any of them appear unprofessional. Work with a trade show banner service that provides high-quality designs. They’ll help you create an outstanding banner that won't be overlooked.


    Come up with a brief, intriguing phrase that entices passersby to check out what you’re offering. Keep in mind that language on display banner stands should be conversational. And you need to get attendees’ attention right away with something slick. Remember, a banner should call on attendees to engage with the exhibit. Because a banner takes a while to read, it’s best to keep it short; this way a crowd doesn’t gather around it. Keep it brief and straightforward to be effective.


    Attendees shouldn’t have to struggle to see what your banners say. Ensure your brand is prominently displayed, and keep all primary graphics at eye level. Put your tagline or anything else you want to stand out from a distance at the top of the display. At this level, it will be visible to booth attendees, far-away onlookers, etc.

    Designing Gorgeous Promotional Banners

    No matter how you make your trade show materials, as long as you adhere to the rules of good design, you’re sure to come up with materials that’ll grab everyone's attention and forward your marketing objectives.

    At Trade Show Display Pros, we can help you create stunning banner stands for trade shows that attract more attention, generate more leads, and close more sales. We use the best tools and tech to create high-quality banners with stunning designs.

  • Advantages Of Using Retractable Banner Stands For Events & Trade Shows

    Displaying eye-catching signage and memorable banners at your next trade show will ensure you stand out from the competition. And if you stand out, your exhibit is likely to get a lot of attention. And to display banners and signage, use retractable banner stands. A go-to marketing tool for decades, retractable banners are great for businesses that want to showcase their products and attract attention at all kinds of events, but mainly trade shows and conferences.

    Here are some of the top benefits associated with using retractable banner stands at these events:

    Effortless Use

    Retractable banner stands are easy to set up and take down; all you have to do is pull the banner down like you’d do with a window shade and then fasten it to the support pole. In fact, one person can easily complete setup and takedown without any problems. This way you you can concentrate your time and resources on aspects of the event that are more crucial.

    Affordable Option

    Businesses that need inexpensive but compelling marketing tools often use retractable banners. Retractable banners are affordable yet high-quality, which means you can have multiple at your booth and really make a lasting impact on event attendees, especially if the images and graphics are fresh and eye-catching.

    Make Your Business Look More Professional

    If you use high-quality retractable banners that feature fabulous designs, your business will look more professional. Retractable banners that are expertly designed can convey your message better than standard banners which have a lot of writing on them and often come across as boring. You can successfully promote your business and reach your target audience if you use retractable banners that are unique and memorable.


    Retractable flag stands are built with solid, long-lasting materials, which means they’re break-resistant and able to endure even the most unpleasant conditions.


    Transporting these banner stands is easy. The graphic retracts into the stand’s base, and it can fit in the trunk of your car after being folded and packed away inside the travel box.


    These are some of the main advantages that come with using retractable banners at a range of events. In short, a retractable banner may be the perfect solution for your company if it needs a marketing display that’s reliable, easy to erect, and capable of meeting all your marketing goals.

    Check out our retractable banner design service if you're thinking about bringing a professional retractable banner to the next trade show you’re participating in. We have fabric trade show displays, pop-up banners, tabletop banners, and much more. Truly, there’s something for everyone. The bottom line is this: If you want a high-quality banner that’s eye-catching and built to last, reach out to us!

  • 5 Table Displays to Enhance Your Trade Show Booth

    Trade show booths are a great way to make a big impression on potential clients. A good tabletop trade show display can help draw attention to your booth and give visitors a reason to stop and learn more about your business. Here are five table display ideas to make your booth stand out.

    1. Pop-Up Banners

    Pop-up banners are a versatile and easy-to-use option for table displays. They come in various sizes and designs and are easy to set up and take down. Pop-up banners can display your company logo, branding, and key information about your products and services.

    2. Literature Racks

    Literature racks are a great way to provide potential customers with information about your business. They can be used to display brochures, catalogs, and other printed materials, giving visitors a convenient way to learn more about what you have to offer. They also allow you to organize your materials and keep your booth looking neat and professional.

    3. Tabletop Displays

    Tabletop displays are small, portable displays that can be used on top of a table to showcase your products or services. They come in various styles, including tabletop banners, tabletop pull-up banners, and tabletop display cases. They are a great way to attract attention to your booth and provide visitors with a closer look at your products.

     4. Table Throws

    Table throws are a simple but effective way to add a professional touch to your trade show display. They are available in various colors and designs, so you can choose one that matches your brand and complements your overall booth design. You can get creative and print relevant information on your table throw too.

    5. Digital Trade Show Displays

    Get compact digital displays for your tables and instantly draw attention to your business. With digital trade show displays, you can show visuals, videos, and presentations that can help visitors better understand what your business has to offer. They are an affordable and easy-to-use solution to grab the attention of those that pass by.

    Attending a trade show can be a great way to promote your business and attract new customers. One important aspect of a successful trade show experience is the design of your booth. The table in your booth can hold and showcase a lot of information for visitors if you plan your display well.

    Trade Show Display Pros has fantastic products for your booth, like tabletop banners, tabletop pull-up banners, tabletop flag stands, tabletop retractable banner stands, and more. These products will help you get noticed and stand out. Browse through our latest collection of trade show displays and tabletop banner displays for your next trade show.

  • 5 Ways to Enhance Trade Show Displays and Improve your ROI

    Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential customers. A well-designed trade show display can help your booth attract attention, generate interest, and improve your return on investment (ROI). Here are some tips for enhancing your trade show displays and ROI.

    1. Create a Strong Visual Impression

    First impressions are important, and your trade show display should make a strong visual impact. You can achieve an effect using bold colors, high-quality graphics, and eye-catching designs. Consider incorporating interactive presentations, videos, or demonstrations to draw people in and engage them with your brand. You can find some novel trade show display stands to showcase your marketing materials.

    2. Make the Most of Your Space

    Trade show booths are often limited in size, so making the most of the space you have is essential. Consider using vertical space to display your products or information and use lighting and other visual effects to create a sense of depth and dimension. A tabletop banner is a small yet vital tool for your booth. Avoid clutter and opt for a clean, organized layout that is easy to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm visitors.

    3. Use the Banner Space Effectively

    Banners are an important part of any trade show display and can help to draw people in and direct them to your booth. Choose high-quality, professional banners that are easy to read and convey your message. Consider using multiple banner formats with different messages to appeal to different audiences and highlight specific products or services. Check out our tabletop pull-up banners, step and repeat banners, retractable banners, and pop-up banners to add color and variety to your booth.

    4. Provide Valuable Information

    In addition to showcasing your products, your trade show display should provide visitors with valuable information about your business. Include details about your products and services, case studies, testimonials from satisfied customers, and your company’s history and values. Providing this information can help to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

    5. Use a Clear and Concise Call to Action

    Your trade show display should include a clear and concise call to action that encourages visitors to do something specific, such as call a number or visit a webpage. Make sure it is visible, easy to find, and understandable. Include relevant contact information, such as your website, email address, or phone number.

    A well-designed trade show display can help attract attention and generate interest in your business, leading to increased leads and sales. With the right approach, you can make your trade show participation a success.

    Trade Show Display Pros can fulfill all your trade show display needs. Whether you are looking for tension fabric trade show displays or the latest digital trade show displays, we have it all! Browse through our inventory of trade show displays today.

  • How To Choose The Right Trade Show Banner Stand For Your Business

    Do you want to make a big impression at your next trade show? Having a large, well-designed banner is a great way to ensure that. But how does one choose the right trade show displays for their booth? Here are some tips that’ll help you make a decision.

    1. Functionality

    The best banners are versatile and easily customizable. Look for a banner that can be used indoors and outdoors, and it should work at all kinds of events. Also, ensure that it is easy to set up and take down; you don't want to waste time fiddling with it at the trade show.

    Pop-up banners and tabletop pull-up banners are the most popular options for businesses that want to reach large audiences.

    2. Size

    You want your banner to be eye-catching, but it also needs to be the right size. A reliable rule of thumb is that the banner should be about 1/3 the size of the space you have available. So, if you have a 10-foot by 10-foot space, your banner should be about 3 feet by 10 feet. Remember that you also need to leave space for other trade show materials, such as a table and chairs.

    If you have a small booth, tabletop banners and retractable banner stands are ideal, inexpensive options. You can also choose digital trade show displays to make more of an impact.

    3. Banner Material

    The material used to make your banner is important for two reasons: First, it should enhance the text and highlight your visuals. Second, it should be durable and easy to care for. Many banner materials are dual-sided, so you can print on both sides to maximize space. Look for materials that are easy to fold and lightweight; such materials are also easy to transport.

    Tension fabric trade show displays are often sought-after these days, and they provide an inexpensive way to display graphics and text with vibrant colors and clear images.

    4. Additional Accessories

    Many banners come with additional accessories, like a carrying case and a range of tools. Choose a banner that is easy to set up and doesn't require a lot of equipment. For example, tabletop pull-up banners are very easy to set up, and so are retractable banner stands; you just pull them up and their holders lock them into place. Some banner stands even come with a carrying case that doubles as a stand, and a few come with lights that’ll make your display more visible in a dark trade show hall.

    An effective trade show display can attract attention, promote your brand, and generate leads. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which stands are best. Use these tips to choose the right banner stand for your next event.

    And be sure to check out our latest trade show display stands if you want high-quality results!

  • 6 Trade Show Banner Stands That’ll Help Your Business Stand Out

    Trade shows are excellent events that businesses use to market their products and services to the right customers. But to make the most of your trade show experience, you need to have the right trade show displays. Otherwise, you'll blend in with all the other exhibitors and won't make the impact you're hoping for.

    Here are the most popular trade show display stands:

    Tabletop Banners

    These are typically smaller and less expensive than other banner stands. They're a great option if you're exhibiting at a smaller trade show or if you're looking for a more low-key display. But don't let their size fool you: tabletop pull-up banners can still make a big impact at all kinds of events. They're easy to set up and take down, so you shouldn’t have any trouble using them.

    Retractable Banner Stands

    They are easy to use, set up, and look great. And they’ll ensure your booth has a professional look that’ll help you stand out from the competition. They're perfect if you're looking for a trade show display that can go anywhere and does everything.

    Pop-Up Banners

    Using these banners is a great way to make a big impact without spending much money. Plus, they’re easy to design and customize. And their portability ensures you can take them wherever you go. They can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect pop-up banner for your trade show booth.

    Outdoor Trade Show Displays

    These versatile trade show displays are designed to withstand the elements and can be used at a variety of events, including conventions, trade shows, fairs, and festivals. They can promote your brand and products from a distance or simply add a decorative element to your outdoor space. They come in a range of styles, such as flag displays, tube displays, and weather-proof displays.

    Digital Trade Show Displays

    Nowadays, more businesses are opting for digital trade show displays. And for good reason: digital displays are versatile, so you can display your content in a variety of ways. Plus, these can be used over and over again. They can be customized too, and your display can endlessly run a promo video to make a special impact.

    Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

    Tension fabric trade show displays are the newest and most popular trade show displays. They are professional-quality and useable at a range of events. Plus, the print on these banners is crisp and easy to read. You can use them indoors and outdoors, and they're perfect for those who are traveling to many locations.

    Trade show display stands are great at showing customers that your brand is bold and beautiful. That said, they need to be complemented by other elements in your booth. In short, your booth should be constructed according to your requirements and objectives.

    Be sure to check out our latest collection of trade show displays on our site. With so many options to choose from, it’s likely you’ll find the perfect trade show display stands for your business.
  • 5 Useful Tips That’ll Help You Design An Effective Trade Show Banner

    Trade show displays don’t have to be boring! In fact, boring is the last thing a trade show display should be, considering these are supposed to attract trade show attendees to your booth. In this article, we’ll explain how you can create a bespoke banner that will wow trade show attendees, and we’ll also discuss different design options so you can choose the right one for your business.

    1. Keep Things Simple

    When it comes to trade show banners, less is definitely more. Your banner should be eye-catching and easy to read, and you should avoid overcrowding it with too much text or too many images. Stick to one or two points you want to get across and make sure they're clear and concise. A tabletop banner will be perfect in this scenario. And don't forget to leave some white space! After all, too much clutter will make your banner difficult to read.

    2. Use High-Quality Images

    Ensure that the images on your banner are high-quality and relevant to your business. Remember, people will be looking at your banner from a distance, so make sure the images are clear and easy to see. You’ll be competing with digital trade show displays, so the graphics your banners display will have to be top-notch.

    3. Use A Professional Designer

    If you want your banner to really stand out, you should hire a professional designer. They will be able to create a banner that is both visually appealing and effective at promoting your business.

    4. Make It Eye-Catching

    Bright colors will grab trade show attendees’ attention, and an interesting design will keep them engaged. Remember, your trade show display may be what potential customers see first, so it has to make a positive impact. Make sure the colors reflect your business, and avoid using too many gaudy designs. Tabletop pull-up banners can be used to bring more attention to your business.

    5. Get The Right Size

    Make sure the display is big enough to be seen from a distance, but it shouldn’t be so big that it's overwhelming. You want people to be able to see what you're selling from a distance, but you don’t want the display to take up a huge portion of the booth space. A good rule of thumb is to make your banner at least twice as wide as it is tall. This way, it'll be easy to see from a distance, no matter where your booth is positioned.

    Creating an effective trade show display isn’t always easy; that said, you should have some fun when creating one. With a little planning and the right tools, you can create a banner that will help your business stand out from the competition.

    And if you want to save some time, shop for banners and banner stands on our website today! Our digital trade show displays and tension-fabric trade show displays have helped hundreds of businesses participate effectively at trade shows. Check them out now!

  • Top 5 Features That’ll Make Your Trade Show Banners Stand Out

    A trade show banner is a big deal. It's usually the first thing trade show attendees see when they come to your booth, and if used right it can make a great first impression. But how do you ensure your trade show banners are useful and eye-catching? Here are five features that’ll set your banners apart from the rest.

    1. Bright Colors

    Bright colors are eye-catching and enticing, so you should use these when constructing a banner. And use a color scheme that complements your brand. Just make sure the colors are vibrant but not too bright. A well-designed tabletop banner will be a big hit if it displays vibrant colors in a well-lit environment.

    2. A Catchy Headline

    Your headline should be short, sweet, and to the point. It should grab trade show attendees attention so they’re interested in learning more about your products and services. You can use humor or include a relevant quote to make your banner stand out.

    3. A Professional Design

    First impressions are everything, so make sure your banner looks professional. Hire a graphic designer to create a custom design or use a template from a reputable online resource. The important thing is that you make sure your banner is well-designed and easy to read. Try things out on a tabletop pull-up banner, as it’s usually easy to design on these, even if you’re a newbie.

    4. A High-Quality Banner

    A high-quality banner will last longer and look better than a cheap one. Invest in high-quality banner materials and a good banner stand so your trade show displays last for years. It’s also important to get quality printing so your banner looks crisp and sharp from afar. A tabletop banner is a versatile canvas on which you can print company messages, and it’s easy to use as well as portable.

    5. A Clear Call To Action

    Your banner should be displaying a call-to-action. What do you want people to do when they see your banner? Are you encouraging them to fill out a form? Are you offering a discount? Let people know what you want them to do, and make sure the message is clear and easy to understand.

    A well-designed trade show display can help you stand out from the competition, and it’ll even be able to compete with the digital trade show displays companies are using nowadays. Use bright colors, a catchy headline, and a clear call-to-action to make your banner more effective.

    Trade Show Display Pros is one of the largest suppliers of trade show displays, and we sell banners of all kinds. Whether you need retractable banner stands or digital trade show displays, we have high-quality products that’ll help you make your next trade show a success. Call us today to design a custom banner that’s perfect for your business.

  • 5 Critical Metrics That’ll Help You Determine Trade Show Booth ROI

    A trade show is an excellent platform for launching a new product and building brand awareness. And by using engaging trade show displays, you can capture the attention of visitors and convert them into paying customers.

    But the biggest challenge here is ensuring you’re getting the absolute most out of your trade show investments. It’s essential that you do a cost-benefit analysis at the end of a trade show to determine if such an event is profitable for you. You can do this by tracking the following metrics:

    Metric #1: Number Of Sales Made By Each Rep

    The primary reason why B2B companies attend trade shows is to win new customers and generate sales. The number of sales each rep makes is a metric that’ll help you determine whether or not you were able to meet sales goals. You’ll also need to track the average order value as well. Both metrics are critical when you’re trying to determine trade show booth ROI, and they’ll help you establish fair staff pay and sales strategies.

    Metric #2: Booth Visits

    The reality is that while trade shows are an excellent way to generate brand awareness, most booth visitors are unlikely to make a purchase on the same day. You need to follow up with interested visitors later to get them to convert. Hence, another crucial metric to track is the number of booth visitors that become qualified leads. Have a sign-in sheet at your booth and use this sheet later on to follow up with leads who you think have a good shot of becoming customers.

    Metric #3: Social Media Engagement

    Trade shows are an excellent way to increase brand awareness. You can measure this by tracking several metrics like social media mentions, site visits, online engagements, likes, shares, and reposts after the event. If you notice an increase in social media followers after the event, it means that participating in the trade show helped with increasing brand awareness.

    Metric #5: Customer Retention

    Your trade show staff might be more focused on closing new deals and capturing qualified leads. But what about your existing customers? For example, let’s assume that an existing customer visits the trade show. They are a prime target for your competitors! You don’t want to lose existing customers to your competitors, so you need to ensure that you treat existing customers like VIPs.

    Advance invitations, a warm welcome, and special treatment when they visit the booth are all a must. You can also provide access to special events and give exclusive goodies to make your current customers feel valued, reinforcing their loyalty.

    Metric #5: Sales Cycle

    Sales cycle is a measure of how long it takes (on average) for your trade show team to convert an interested lead into a paying customer. If the sales cycle is short, there’s a good chance you can sell a lot of products at an event. However, if your products are expensive, the sales cycle might be longer. In the latter case, you can alter your trade show strategy to focus more on capturing qualified leads.

    Get The Absolute Most Out Of A Trade Show

    Participating in trade shows is an expensive affair. You have to pay the exhibit fee, invest in versatile trade show display stands, pay trade show booth attendants, and spend on marketing. If you’re going to invest in a trade show booth, you need to ensure you’re getting maximum ROI from the event. The best way to determine the value of your investment is by tracking the five critical trade show metrics mentioned in this article. By understanding these metrics, you can determine what’s working and what needs to be fixed before the next event.

  • 8 Smart Ways To Save Money At Your Next Trade Show

    If this is the first time you’re attending a trade show, or you’re an expert at organizing trade show displays, you need to consider the best ways to save money at your next event. There's no denying that trade shows can be extremely beneficial for your business. But exhibiting at a trade show, or any other industry event, can be extremely expensive. It can blow a hole in your marketing budget, especially if you don’t keep a tight grip on your finances.

    When attending a trade show, you have to budget for several things, including:

    • Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Promotions
    • Staffing
    • Exhibition fees
    • Freebies and other promotional materials
    • Utilities
    • Digital trade show displays
    • Fabric banner stands and other displays

    All these elements can cost a pretty penny. But the good news is that many of these expenses can be reduced with proper planning and preparation. And the best part is that you’ll still be able to set up a high-quality booth that attracts lots of potential leads.

    Here are a few tips you can use to put up a spectacular trade show display without blowing up your budget:

    #1: Choose A Modular Display

    Choose a modular exhibition display stand that you can reuse at different events. You can adjust the modular display stand so it’s ideal for the current event venue and available space.

    #2: Swap The Graphics

    Buying brand new trade show displays for every event can be expensive. The better option is to just use new graphics. For example, if you have a tabletop pull up banner, you can replace the graphics without changing the whole display.

    #3: Advertise The Event On Social Media

    Make use of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or even Pinterest to spread the word about an upcoming event for free on social media.

    #4: Use Royalty-Free Images

    Rather than spending a fortune on hiring an expensive photographer or paying for customized images, you can download royalty-free images and use them on your marketing materials.

    #5: Avoid Hiring External Staff To Manage Your Trade Show Booth

    External staff do not know your business well, and they won’t be aware of all the things that make your products and services special. External staff can also be expensive. Instead, train your own employees to handle trade show duties.

    #6: Order Ahead

    If you plan properly, you can order trade show display stands and trade show shipping cases even months before an event. Doing this ensures you avoid paying express shipping charges to get products delivered at the last minute.

    #7: Be On The Lookout For Discounts

    Sometimes trade show display stand manufacturers offer seasonal discounts. Purchase trade show displays during these times so you can save significantly.

    #8: Exhibit At Local Trade Shows

    Finally, participating at a local trade show can help you cut down on costs. When participating at far-away trade shows and events, you have to spend on accommodations, fuel, and food. Attending a local trade show that’s a short driving distance from your office can help you cut down on costs.

    Use these tips to reduce your trade show expenses without reducing the quality of your presentation.

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