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  • Buying Criteria for Trade Show Displays

    While purchasing trade show displays most businesses find price constraints to be a final deciding factor. This sometimes pushes them to compromise on quality, forcing them to accept substandard display materials. Low-quality display products have detrimental effect on the brand as people tend to equate their products to the displays. So here are some important criteria to get the most value from your investment in displays for trade shows and exhibitions.

    Quality Displays

    Displays designed for trade shows should be customized to suit the brand’s image, so the marketing team should look beyond the price and regard it as an investment. While planning the design, the content and layout manager in charge should ask designers to give quotes for displays that can last for around 4-5 years. While graphics will typically need to be updated every year to keep the content fresh, well-maintained tradeshow displays made of durable materials can last for many years, and top brands typically have a lifetime warranty on the display itself.

    Flexible Displays

    Invest in displays that are flexible enough to fit the changing needs of exhibition and marketing information that needs to be displayed. Pop up banner displays made from fabric panels are available in a wide range of designs and shapes, and several models of trade show displays are designed to allow for easy reconfiguration into a variety shapes and sizes. These can be used for multiple occasions and venues and by customizing the graphics to suit different trade shows, a single display can perform like several displays.


    Trade show booths function as display areas and workspace for booth staff. They give the space to make product demonstrations, share information about the brand, engage in meetings with prospective clients, and store essential personal and promotional materials. Purchasing display products like retractable banners for standard size trade show booth will give you a functional space to attract and impress potential customers.

    Ask the Professionals

    Design your displays with the help of banner designers experienced in making designs for trade shows. Displays designed by professionals can help with brand building and generating sales inquiries. These experts know how to plan long-term marketing campaigns through appropriate displays based on the image the brand wants to create. Some of these professionals even travel to large shows to help support marketing teams to design creative exhibits that can attract more people.


    As a business, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your trade show. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to invest wisely in your trade show booth displays, helping you to get your brand out there and increase sales.

  • Incorporating Technology in Your Trade Show Booth

    Technology today is an important part of trade shows whether it is for designing a booth, using social media, tracking leads, or including virtual reality presentations. Though human interaction plays a vital role in making trade shows successful and fostering new business relations, technology has created a niche for itself in business. Here are ways to integrate technology in trade show displays:

    Digital Marketing

    The old method of giving out brochures and informative content to visitors has nearly been eradicated as most business people now prefer to send out those details to customers via email. This method saves money and is eco-friendly too as people tend to throw away printed material. Information sent to an inbox can be referred to when needed and will more likely be looked over. Digital catalogs are the new trend to let prospective buyers view brand’s entire product lineup with just a few clicks.

    Interactive Media

    To attract people to the booth and keep them engaged, invest in technology that can let them virtually experience your products if actual product demonstrations cannot take place. This can be done through interactive trade show displays and virtual reality software within the booth in the form of touch screens and VR goggles.

    Social Media

    The multitude of social media platforms available allows brands to directly interact with customers to share information about new products and gauge their views about them. Businesses can use social media to share pictures, videos, and product catalogs with prospective business partners and followers. It can also be used to announce contests and special offers to encourage visitors to go to the booth at the trade show. Then pop up banners can be arranged at the entrance with directions to direct visitors towards the booth. Social media can be a great way to engage customers both inside and outside of the trade show venue.

    Display Screens

    Large monitors at the trade show booths playing informative videos are an interesting tool to attract the attention of people walking by. If attendants are busy with product demonstrations or explaining their details to potential customers, new visitors can watch these videos to learn about the brand and its products.

    Mobile Applications

    Do you want to turn prospective leads into customers? Ask them to download your app to keep in touch by sending details of product catalogs, new product information, promotional content, and other forms of push notifications.


    Using a combination of these tips can help you to attract the attention of those walking by and engage potential customers.

  • How to Maximize Your Trade Show Marketing Investment

    Participating at a trade show is an investment that includes buying booth space on the trade show floor, preparing giveaways, and setting up a display booth. Direct interactions with potential customers as well as combining both audio and visual elements to form effective trade show displays are simple methods used to generate sales leads at trade shows. Here are some strategies you can use to maximize return on investment (ROI) and increase visitor interest at trade shows.

    Multiple Promotional Activities at Each Phase of the Show

    Divide your marketing activities into segments, and focus on what you should be doing before, during, and after the trade show; doing this helps with tracking effectiveness. Start a promotional activity before the trade show and generate awareness using social media, email marketing, road shows, etc. To guide people to your booth, set up fabric trade show displays at strategic locations throughout the trade show floor. During the trade show, invite prospective customers with attractive booth presentations that will engage them in meaningful ways; explain how your products can solve their problems. Adopt an effective process for following up with each prospect—you want to turn those leads into sales, that way you can easily cover the cost of the trade show investment.

    Effective Networking Strategy

    Networking is an essential part of a trade show, and such is why marketing staff should use every opportunity to interact with prospective customers, that way they can better understand customers’ needs. Divide your sales team in such a way so one group is engaging the interests of curious onlookers while the other is closing sales deals with new customers. Encourage sales representatives to engage in face-to-face discussions with visitors while giving product demonstrations, and recommend they use casual talk while setting up meeting areas within the booth space.

    Unique Promotional Products

    At a crowded trade show where numerous brands are trying to outdo competitors by giving out informational brochures and pamphlets, it’s easy to get lost in the information overload. Instead of giving out information through the traditional modes, which are likely to land in the trash anyways, focus on sharing information through direct conversation or by putting up retractable banners that share a lot of details. Do not waste funds on cheap giveaways like pens, armbands, and paper weights, and don’t just give individuals items because they happened to walk by your booth. Use creative promotional products that present your brand in a positive light and give these to attendees who share their contact details with your staff.

  • Trade Show Trends to Capitalize On in 2019

    Every year marketers introduce new ideas during trade shows—some of these hit the bullseye while others are quickly forgotten. As we are already in the middle of 2019, some of the biggest trade shows like CES are already behind us. During these events, we saw a few new ideas that are already becoming hot trends in the trade show industry. Below is information on trends that can be used to upgrade a trade show booth.

    Multi-Sensory Stimulations

    To grab the attention of attendees and ensure that brand image has made both a positive and lasting impact, booth operators are now using multi-sensory technology. Combinations of multi-sensory stimulations—like sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound—are being used to connect with people. Design a booth that offers an experience for visitors, and encourage them to enter by highlighting your multi-sensory technology near the entrance of your booth. Incorporating such technology boosts brand value.

    Strategic Lighting

    Lighting has been a basic necessity at trade show booths for decades. Use items like backlit pop-up displays, light panels, and recessed lighting to transform a booth space. Be creative when using recessed or hidden lights to illuminate special sections of the booth structure. Lighting can also be used to present products in unique and attractive ways that engage trade show attendees.

    Advanced Technology

    Many trade show booth designers have still not learned how to use new technology like virtual reality, 360-degree videos, holographic walls, and 3D projections—all of these pieces of technology can be used collectively to create visually-stimulating exhibits. At present, creative technology is being utilized by companies to give virtual reality demonstrations of products and services. Also, holographic pictures and video clips that are used on fabric trade show displays are now including company brand names, and these are currently popular in the travel and tourism industries.

    Innovative Use of LED

    Booth designers are now aiming for visual appeal in their trade show booths, and such is why many are using LED screens to create textured backgrounds in their booths to stand out from competitors. LED lights can be used to creatively highlight trade show displays and other elements that are part of the exhibit.

    The trends mentioned above are innovative developments in the trade show industry and they’ve captured the interest of exhibitors everywhere. If you decide to experiment with new trends, you should not lose focus on following up with potential customers—nurturing every lead is still priority number one.

  • 4 Banners That Can Seamlessly Fit into Your Marketing Campaign

    Banners are great for grabbing customer attention. They are inexpensive, easy-to-use, and they can be customized to fit your needs. But did you know trade show displays aren’t only great for trade shows and exhibitions? They can even be used by small business owners to advertise products and services!

    Choosing the right banner is important; you want to make a positive impact, after all. At Trade Show Display Pros, we’ve been educating our customers on the different banner stand types for years. If you’re a small- or medium-sized business looking for promotion ideas, read on!

    X Banner Stands:

    X banner stands are very useful for advertising products and services at restaurants and retail stores. An X banner stand’s unique design makes them lightweight and inexpensive, making these banner stands great for grabbing attention on a budget. X banner stands are especially useful if you need stands in multiple locations for a product launch or for business with multiple sales people who need to use the displays in different locations at the same time. They are easy to set up and take down, and when maintained well they last for a very long time.

    Retractable Banner Stands:

    retractable banner stand is called so because the banner graphic is stored in the stand base after every use. Unlike an X banner stand, a retractable banner stand will not be knocked down easily. These banners are also easy to set up and carry. Use retractable banner stands to advertise giveaways or promotions, and they’re also great for highlighting a product you recently introduced. You can make your banner message attractive by playing with colors and appealing texts.

    Outdoor Banner Stands:

    If you want a display that can be used in any environment outdoor banner stands are your best bet. They are great for improving branding and they’ll get your messages across to large audiences at outdoor events, concerts, fairs, sporting events and exhibitions. They come in a wide range of sizes up to 10' wide so there's sure to be a model to fit any need.

    Pop-up Fabric Banners:

    Pop-up fabric banners are great! Assembling them and taking them down is easy too—all you have to do is expand the stand up and you’re ready to go because the fabric graphic stays attached. These stands are also extremely durable, making them great for transport. You don’t need a lot of space to use a pop-up fabric banner because they come in a wide range of sizes to fit whatever space you have available. In short, pop-up fabric banners can be used to hold great visuals and draw customers to your store.

    If you need help choosing banner stands, call us now for more information.

  • 3 Common Banner Stand Questions Answered

    Planning a successful trade show or exhibition begins with assembling the right trade show displays. But how do you decide which banner stands are right for your booth? How much should you spend? How does one banner stand differ from another? There are so many questions!

    At Trade Show Display Pros, we help our customers understand the world of trade show displays so they can select products that are right for them. Below are answers to three common questions individuals usually ask about banner stands.

    #1 – Are banner stands only ideal for trade shows and exhibitions?

    Of course not! Banner stands are perfect for advertising and they can be used anywhere! For example, you can use them at crowded places to guide traffic towards different areas. They can also be placed outside busy restaurants to display menus or any offers. You can place them on highways or at drive-throughs to promote giveaways or offers. You can also place them outside conference halls to welcome visitors and display information. Retractable banners are used at airports, shopping malls, sporting events, and other heavy-traffic areas to grab attention.

    #2 – Are retractable banner stands better than non-retractable banner stands?

    A retractable banner stand is called so because it retracts into a stand base after each use. On these stands, the banner graphics are wound around rollers so they stay protected during storage. Retractable banner stands are perfect for trade shows and exhibitions, because they are so quick and easy to set up and take down. They're great for uses other than conferences, trade shows, and events, but there are other options as well when the stand doesn't need to be set up and taken down frequently.

    Non-retractable banner stands are the models without retraction mechanisms, so banner graphics have to be attached and removed every time you use these stands. Portable banner stands are lightweight and transportable and have very few, to no, moving parts, so they tend to be very reliable. They are also inexpensive and great for large scale deployments of advertising to multiple locations such as store, showrooms and company lobbies.

    #3 – What’s the difference between indoor banner stands and outdoor banner stands?

    As their name suggests, indoor banner stands are meant for indoor use; in other words, they’re not designed to withstand the elements. Banner stands that are for indoor use can easily break or blow over if used outdoors, and the banner options for indoor use will typically be different than outdoor options, which would require greater tear strength to hold up in windy conditions. An outdoor banner stand is designed to hold up in wind, usually with some kind of weighted base, and some have springs that allow the graphic to flex in the wind. The banners for these stands are often more resilient than the materials used for indoor banners, so they don't tear easily in the wind. Be sure to check the wind rating for an outdoor stand to make sure it will hold in the environment where you plan to use it, and always take the banner down if winds exceed the rating for the display to prevent damage.

    Are you having trouble choosing the right banner stand? Call us now to discuss your requirements—we’ll suggest a banner stand that’s right for you!

  • How to Build Brand Awareness through Trade Shows

    Branding is an essential aspect of marketing, and trade shows are an ideal place to establish your brand name. The challenge lies in looking for ways to establish positive connotations within the target market in a simple but memorable manner. Here are some tips on creating a buzz around your business that can lead to more customers.

    Making Brand Awareness an Essential Part of the Exhibit

    Exhibitions can be a powerful extension of a firm’s advertising and public relations as well as enhance brand awareness. Ensure your marketing and promotional materials around the booth, like retractable banners, are consistent and have the same logo, typeface, colors, and characters. People’s perception of a brand is subjective to personal experience, and this can be established by consistently emphasizing its qualities through several exhibits of different types.

    3-Dimensional Exhibits

    Create an impactful message on all sides of your booth especially for exhibits located in a central area that can be viewed from all sides. Having a 3-D display allows you to get the maximum traffic and impact for your brand. You can then convey the product’s personality and the company’s logo to everyone who passes by. Exhibits that keep changing shape or colors and are visible from a long distance are most likely to grab viewers’ attention.

    Bring Brand Ambassadors

    Get your most vocal employees to exhibit your brand and discuss its features with potential customers. Employees that talk about products and services in an engaging manner through Q & A sessions and games act as brand experts and have the ability to create a positive and lasting impression on the visitors.

    Trade shows are a great way to reach out to key audiences outside your immediate local area specifically if the product is for a competitive industry or for a new vertical that is outside your comfort zone. They can help to connect with a new group of potential buyers and expand the market, making your business more successful.

  • Common Trade Show Mistakes that Every Sales Associate Makes with Displays

    Trade shows provide a perfect opportunity for companies looking to connect with customers directly and create a positive impact on them. With the right touches to your booth design and displays, you can enhance the overall appearance of the booth and also emphasize the power of your brand. There are many ways to customize trade show displays with appropriate colors, designs, and content, but sometimes a lack of focus or excess enthusiasm in trying to push the brand leads to errors that may destroy changes of getting new customers. Here are some common errors with displays to avoid when attending trade shows.

    Too Much Content

    Banners and posters are commonly used for displaying the brand and connecting with customers. To create an impact with these displays, the text has to be easily readable and should convey the message within seconds. However, sometimes the temptation to explain products and their qualities is so acute that marketers fill every inch of the display with descriptions. This can make the displays hard to read and overwhelming, making them less effective than a simpler design.

    Missing Social Media Details

    Every firm in the market today has social media handles to connect directly with customers online. Display these details using fabric trade show displays around the stall or in different locations around the exhibition to promote the brand’s social media handles. This allows customers and potential customers the ability to stay in touch and see promotional material. These different modes of communication help firms to show their commitment towards the quality of their products and services, so never avoid miss out showing your social media side.

    Going Overboard with Creativity

    Enthusiasm and creativity are great, but sometimes the saying “less is more” holds true for trade show displays. Keeping the display region free of excessive and lengthy content is just as important as keeping it free of unnecessary artwork. Make the designs attractive, attention-grabbing, and smart so it conveys brand image succinctly. Outshine your competitors with bold colors and readable typeface from a short distance to get the most from a trade show.

    Use trade show display items like retractable banners and popup banners effectively by avoiding the above errors.

  • Taking Your Business to a Trade Show: Advantages

    Live marketing events, conferences, and trade shows are gatherings which offer significant benefits for companies looking to promote their products and services. Trade shows are events where businesses in a specific industry exhibit and demonstrate their new products and services. Those who take trade shows seriously use fabric trade show displays and retractable banners to convey their marketing messages. Trade shows bring industry professionals, vendors, competitors, and customers all together in one location. Therefore, trade shows provide great opportunities for your brand to garner exposure and forimpacts to be made. If you’re new to trade show marketing, below explains why trade show participation is beneficial for your business.

    Trade Shows Matter Even in the Digital Age

    Events filled with boring booths, desperate sales associates, folding tables, decrepit chairs, and cheap promotions are a thing of the past. Today, there are innovative marketing strategies, like virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and never-before-seen exhibition spectacles. Keynote speakers, multimedia exhibits, magician performances, and celebrity appearances are also trade show staples. Trade shows have transformed from traditional networking events into immersive experiences, meaning you can excite anyone, even techies, if you grab their attention immediately. Nowadays glitz and glamour dominate the trade show industry, which means the energy and excitement you’ll find looks a lot like a Hollywood movie premiere. Does this all sound fun?

    Brands Large and Small Can Participate

    Whether you’re representing a small business or a multimillion-dollar corporation, attending a trade show as an exhibitor helps you and your business get feet in the right doors. Trade show attendance provides other benefits as well, such as increased brand awareness, qualified-lead generation, improved relationships, higher conversion rates, direct sales opportunities, cost-effective advertising, and reliable brand establishment. One of the main strategies used for growing a company is to market the products and services before a large group of prospective customers. Unlike other marketing strategies, like social media promotions or TV commercials, trade shows provide you with face-to-face opportunities to sell your products. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a compelling exhibition booth if you want to attract visitors, and such is why you should always use trade show displays.

    Trade Shows Help You Go a Step Beyond Customer Service

    Almost 80 percent of businesses think they provide excellent customer service, but only eight percent of customers agree. Exhibiting at trade shows can create connections between you and your buyers, connections which are based on empathy. Encourage your booth staff to develop connections on personal levels by listening to visitors’ responses. Before wrapping up conversations, make sure to continue connections with an action step, like offering giveaways, taking photographs and posting them to your social media accounts, or exchanging business cards. With empathy comes trust, and trust is what influences booth visitors the most when they’re deciding whether or not to purchase your products.

    If you’d like to exhibit your products or services, the STARWEST Expo, OilComm, the Global Gaming Expo, GSMAMWC, AES, the IoT Tech Expo North America, ISC East, the SC Conference,the Live Design International Technology Show, and the Automation Fair are some of the top technology trade shows happening in the U.S. in late 2019. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with our retractable banner stands.

  • Grab Attention with These Interesting Trade Show Ideas

    Participating in trade shows helps you exhibit your products, gain competitive insights, meet important contacts, stay on top of the latest industry trends, and attract prospective customers. Because trade shows serve as a platform for enhancing brand visibility, you need to adopt some of the latest trade show strategies if generating lots of leads and driving incremental sales are what you’re after. If you plan to participate in an annual industry event, major international trade exhibition, or local trade fair, make use of these tips to ensure a successful trade show experience.

    Convey Your Message Without Speaking

    A bold cutout that stands on your booth not only promotes your brand to the large audience but also serves as a nice attraction people may want to take photos with. Make use of fabric trade show displays and retractable banner stands if you want to display a clear and concise message to your customers. Remember that consistency is important when it comes to booth design. Display your messages using bright and bold colors and use large font sizes as well. Remember to use the least amount of text possible. Use lighting to illuminate your message and produce a brighter appearance. By doing these things, you can effectively convey your marketing message to booth attendees before your salesperson begins their pitch.

    Use Printable Flooring to Attract Trade Show Attendees

    Flooring plays a major role at any trade show. Make use of printable flooring to provide an appealing aesthetic to your trade show booth. Print your logo and use your brand’s official color on the floor to create the ultimate promotional floor. You can also have a full-length, brand-related image printed on the floor. A creative floor design can boost advertising and help you stand out from any competition at the trade show. Because special flooring offers a different look to entrances and walkways, your visitors are likely to be impressed by the plush, luxurious feel the floor creates. You can also go one step further and use interactive flooring to capture the attention of customers.

    Keep Your Booth Visitors Longer with Awesome Ambience

    People may judge your brand based on how your booth looks from the outside. And since making a good first impression is essential to driving up sales, you want to ensure the exterior of your booth is impeccable. Improve booth ambiance with furniture, attractive décor, gentle music, an appealing color scheme, attractive flooring, good lighting, and curated artwork and photography. Having great ambiance will encourage trade show attendees to visit your booth, and they’ll stay for a long time while they engage with your products. Long story short: effective booth ambiance helps potential customers enjoy what you have to offer. You can also include a space for serving cocktails and mocktails, in branded souvenir cups, to set your booth apart from competitors.

    Use Illusions to Make Your Audience Look Twice

    In a hectic trade show atmosphere, it’s difficult to set apart your booth from those being run by your competitors. Rather than use photos to display your products, create a visual environment. Use an intelligent combination of optical illusions and magic tricks to capture the imaginations of trade show attendees. When you display a 3D object in the middle of your booth, it creates an eye-catching structure, one that can be used to highlight your brand. These structures are great for delighting and intriguing prospective customers.

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