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  • Successful Trade Show Tips for Sales and Marketing Leaders

    Business deals worth billions of dollars are made at marketing events and trade shows every year. Success at a trade show depends on your goals. Proper planning is required; after all, you invest a huge amount of time, effort, and money to exhibit at the trade show. If not executed well, your participation could be a huge flop. Focus on implementing these tactics to your marketing strategies and ensure a successful trade show.

    Utilize Tech to Attract Tech-Savvy Visitors

    Technology is an important element of trade show marketing. Use technology to your advantage by utilizing interactive display screens with pre-programmed content about your products and services. Design a digital lounge with comfortable chairs and café tables; include built-in chargers as well. Replace traditional printed signage with digital signage, like a large video wall, so that your messages can be seen from any location in the trade show hall. Also use bright and attractive fabric banner stands made from aluminum—these are great for displaying your marketing message. Incorporate virtual and augmented reality to share your company’s information and demonstrate products in a more engaging and interactive way. Use videos to amplify your brand with booth visitors. Make use of mobile technology and engage with your attendees through social media.

    Get Your People Ready

    Regardless of how cool your booth is or how fancy your giveaways are, a dynamic booth staff can easily engage the crowd in minutes. Recruit the right people and train them thoroughly; explain about your goals and the stakes involved. Bring your best team to the trade show as they are the biggest representation of your brand. Give them targets that when completed will earn them incentives. Run a quick training session so that they are well informed about your products and company details. Train them to handle difficult situations and pain points, and manage customer leads either by writing notes or entering informationinto a database system.

    Reach out on Social Media

    Social media is a popular way to engage your customers at events, conferences, and trade shows. Direct and inspire social media discussion if you want your customers to last beyond the show. Email marketing, Facebook marketing, and Twitter feeds can help you show off your trade show presence online, thereby driving traffic and building brand awareness. You can also participate in Twitter chats, create LinkedIn groups, and communicate directly using Google+ Hangouts for lead generation. Use LinkedIn InMail to send an alert message about your event to any LinkedIn user. Create a separate landing page on your official website to create a trade show hub. These help online users find more information about your exhibits and the location of the convention center. Write a blog post about the exhibition and the conversations that you had with your trade show booth visitors.

    Are you ready to rock the floor at an upcoming event? With clear goals and the right strategies, you can easily convert aisle-walkers into potential customers while maximizing your return on investment.

  • Are These Mistakes Affecting Your Trade Show Success?

    Trade shows are platforms where you can discover new clients for your products and services. Are you looking for ways to increase your trade show performance? While exhibiting at a trade show, mistakes can happen, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie. Learning from the failures of past exhibitions is one of the best ways to improve your marketing strategies. Having been in the business of selling trade show displays for so many years, we have formulated a list of common mistakes you should avoid:

    Poor Trade Show Displays

    Underselling your company with bad graphics is the number one mistake. Bad graphics do nothing to encourage visitors, which means potential clients won’t want to know more about your products and services. Exhibiting your products and conveying your marketing message through attractive fabric trade show displays is essential. A great exhibit can tell booth visitors about your business and brand image. Buy from our range of trade show displays to create a long-lasting impression with your customers.

    Wrong People in the Booth

    Inadequately trained booth staff can be a huge disappointment. Staff hiding in a corner all the time, or staff focusing on their smartphones, don’t help attract aisle-walkers to your booth. Poor staff can negatively affect your ROI and leave a bad impression with your customers. Instead, you should bring the best team to engage every passerby—you want to draw attention to your brand and services. It is vital to train staff if you want to generate a positive experience for attendees and bolster your brand.

    Ignoring Social Media Marketing

    It's 2019. If you aren’t advertising your business on social media and interacting with potential clients, you’re in big trouble. Be active on social media pages before, during, and after the event. Use social media tools to generate buzz for the event. Make images, videos, and posts about what’s happening at your trade show event. Come up with a hashtag that’s specifically used for hosting contests. Create a gallery of your exhibition’s imagesonInstagramor Pinterest to improve your online presence. Encourage people walking by to stop at your booth so they can take photographs with your branding logo. Post statuses and updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and be active on a variety of other social media outlets.

    Focusing on Quantity over Quality

    You may be tempted to focus on the quantity of leads rather than the quality of the leads. Qualified leads are not excited by the opportunity to win a prize or receive giveaways—they are the ones who may have spoken with you for long enough to know about your products and services. Four or five qualified leads are better than collecting hundreds of business cards from people you don't know anything about. A quality lead is the one that results in a sale. Ask open-ended questions while engaging with prospects to understand their mindset.

    These are some of the common trade show pitfalls you need to avoid. Learning from these mistakes is a key to success. Have you made any mistakes that negatively impacted your ROI? Share with us in the comment box below.

  • Top Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

    Have you ever hosted an event to exhibit your products and failed to meet your marketing goals? Driving customers to your exhibition stand is not an easy task; it’s a task that requires you be creative; it’s a task that requires you communicate smartly and be aware of the latest technology for trade show marketing. If your return on investment for trade show exhibitions is going down, it’s time to create a better experience, engage with your attendees, and deliver value by adopting the right marketing strategy. Fill in the gaps with the help of our successful trade show tips and ensure the highest ROI possible.

    Have a Functional Booth That’s Also Visually Appealing

    A booth that is eye-catching is sure to win the hearts of customers. Use the most popular booth design with attractive trade show banners and fabric trade show displays to showcase your products and services. Secure the best booth location to solidify your presence for potential engagement among ideal customers. Research the general layout of the trade show floor to identify the major traffic areas. Reserve your trade show exhibit space and set up your booth in the prime location where the most people will pass through.

    Depending on your exhibition goals, display needs, and budget, choose any one type of exhibit space: peninsula booths, end-cap booths, inline aisle booths, and island booths. Add creative and engaging exhibition designs to attract visitors to your brand. Use a smart blend of brand colors on your trade show banners to ensure all eyes are on them at the show. Black and blue colors are associated with lifestyle and fashion brands, whereas orange, yellow, and red are associated with the food and beverage industry. Choose colors that help your audience associate with your booth design and your products. Highlight your brand name by using designer logos on all the displays at the trade show booth; doing this can subtly imprint on customers’ minds.

    Find Your Audience Online

    With over 200 million U.S. users on Twitter and Facebook, social media plays a major role in improving the relationship between customers and prospects. Integrate social media marketing strategies to create anticipation before and during an event. Stay active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while exhibiting your products at the trade show to garner attention for your booth. Use Twitter hashtags, YouTube videos, and Facebook events to promote your products online. Post videos and images of your exhibits and broadcast live on social media to share interesting things happening at your booth. Event hashtags and booth numbers act as a quick reference for offline audiences. You can encourage your followers to share something about your brand on social media and reward them accordingly, preferably with a gift that’s related to your brand. Use platforms to announce online contests, voting polls, and special appearances, and giveaways to create excitement, draw in customer attention, and improve communication.

    Include Technological Elements

    Wearable technology, virtual reality, social media walls, gesture control, and digital swag bags enable real time responses from the public. Adapt to these technologies andengage with your trade show attendees. Emerging wearables such as Google Glass and Apple smartwatches can help send GPS locations, make e-transactions, conduct audience polls, and receive live responses. Investing in virtual reality offers a multi-sensory experience to drive foot traffic. Instead of passive consumption of video, a virtual reality demo can offer a better representation of your products and services. A beautiful, live social display wall helps maximize audience integration and generates a buzz on the trade show floor; these help to project your favorite posts using hashtags on big screens. Gesture recognition technology piques the interest of the crowd—it helps control your presentations from any distance without the use of a mouse or other device. The touch-free interactivity can reinforce a high-tech brand image among your competitors. Instead of age-old goodie bags, give your audience a digital take away, such as online gift tokens or coupons.

    Next time make use of these tips while organizing your trade show booth, for these are sure to boost brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and amplify ROI.

  • Maximize Your Trade Show Success with a Strong Exhibiting Staff

    Trade show exhibiting is one of the cost-effective and profitable ways for promoting your company, its products, and services. Apart from eye-catching booth designs with fabric banner stands and other trade show displays, and valuable giveaways, a well-prepared booth staff is the number one lead attraction strategy that’ll improve the quantity and quality of your sales pipeline. The success of any trade show depends on the way your staff interacts with prospects and booth attendees on the show floor. It is critical to have your exhibiting crew enthusiastic, motivated, knowledgeable, and well-trained, that way you can maximize effectiveness and the reach of your brand. Here are a few ways to train your staff so they achieve superior results in your marketing goals:

    Practice the Sales Pitch

    Choose your best, most charismatic and smartest employees for your trade show exhibiting staff. Prior to the event, have your staff rehearse a sales pitch that aligns with your overall branding message. The sales pitch should be in two forms: a short 15-minute pitch to grab the customer’s attention and a detailed sales pitch to demonstrate the value of your products to interested prospects. Advise them of the best practices for face-to-face selling so they can win over your customers. They must also possess an ability to answer questions on the spot, interact with different types of customers, and overcome any objections.

    Listen to Customer Needs

    Do not train your staffs to be too focused only on pitching your products—doing so may cause them to forget to listen to the needs of customers. If you don’t understand what your target audience expects from your business, failure could be just around the corner. The path to a customer’s heart is through listening. When your staff develops the ability to listen to the concerns of your customers, it strengthens the bond of trust which in turn helps to win your customers over. Listening to your customer feedback can help meet their needs and expectations. Have your staff be aware of repetitive problems reported by past clients to avoid dissatisfied customers in the future.

    Understand the Grooming Standards

    Since your trade show staff represents the face of your organization, it is essential to have your employees well dressed and greeting your visitors in a warm, professional manner. Physically, your trade show exhibit team should carry themselves well from body language to groomingand booth attire. Train them to use a welcoming body language that helps visitors to engage with the booth staff. Welcoming body language helps create a friendly atmosphere and provides a great chance for winning the goodwill of booth visitors. A well-groomed staff can project a professional image and stand apart from the crowd. Enforce grooming standards for having a polished appearance head to toe—polished representatives are more approachable. When they adhere to professional and uniform attire, it helps them impress customers at trade shows.

    Product Training

    Your customers are visiting your booth to learn about your products and services. Therefore, it’s essential that your staff be made up of employees who are highly knowledgeable about your company details. Make sure they gain adequate information, that way they can convey key messages to the booth visitors. Hand out product literature to every member of your trade show booth staff and coach them on how to demonstrate your products and services. Each booth staff should ensure they can communicate enthusiastically in order to build trust among the customers. Closely watch the booth staff practice and role play their interactions with one another to check whether they deliver the brand message consistently, accurately, confidently, and concisely.

    Before you plan for a killer trade show exhibition, make sure to train your staff for improved lead generation and increased brand awareness. A successful staff is the key element for a successful trade show. When you bring the right people to your trade show booth, you’re setting yourself up for greatness.

  • Smart Ways to Exhibit at Trade Show Events and Conferences

    Trade show attendees expect a lot more out of your booth than they did in previous decades. Just because you build a trade show booth with your exhibits doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically attract your customers. They expect something that leaves them with a lasting memory. Virtual reality sessions, special trade show deals, contests, celebrity talks, and live product demonstrations can help visitors remember your brand. Charity donations can immediately shift the perception and attitude of your brand, thereby making an impact on millennials. Here are two important ways to catch the attention of your target customers while drawing them to your booth without pressure.

    Optimize Your Trade Show with Geo-Targeting

    Geofencing is a powerful tool that helps businesses and organizations target conference and event attendees even after they stepped away from your trade show booth. Geofencing uses GPS and other routing algorithms, allowing you to send push notifications within the geofenced area. Several savvy brands use location-based advertising for promoting their booth, products, and services. This targeting strategy lets you tag gadget users within the perimeter of the event and allows you to send powerful marketing alerts to drive event attendees. Geofencing s a great way to cut through noises and advertisements of other competitors on the floor.

    You can use geofencing to convey different messages at various intervals of time. Send a welcoming message to let your visitors know about your booth location and business details. If you’re offering promotional items, convey a message such as, “We welcome you to the XYZ show. Stop by ABC at West entrance to receive our valuable giveaways.” Doing this will drive traffic to your booth. Similarly, you can get feedback from your target audience by sending a survey asking about their booth experience. This way you can get their contact details easily for follow up purposes. Geofencing is one strategy that can engage and enhance your attendees’ overall experience.

    Design a Cool Trade Show Booth

    When it comes to exhibiting your products and services, there are many ways to improve your booth design. Depending on your business context and the positioning of your products, choose high-quality trade show displays that communicate your brand message across the exhibit hall. Consider using a unique theme with attractive fabric trade show displays and incorporate cutting edge technology for bringing your brand identity to life. Color, light, and motion are the three factors people respond to the most. Choose color schemes wisely because they can subconsciously trigger emotions. The right blend of colors sparks the visitor’s curiosity without needing to say a word. Introduce a motion element to attract more audience to your booth. From product demonstrations and moving lights to LED video walls, animations, and kinetic sculptures, your motion gets noticed easily. Provide a vibrant and bright booth presence by incorporating strategic lighting with directional sounds.

    Visit us to purchase the perfect display, one that will make for a successful marketing event. Call 877-389-8645 or order online at unbeatable prices. Take a look at our impressive website that shows attention-grabbing trade show displays with price details. We are sure that the above tips can help to inspire valuable leads and engagement with your brand

  • Creative Ideas to Generate Traffic at Trade Show Events

    Gone are the days with events filled with monotonous presentations. In a competitive space like trade shows, generating leads aren’t as easy as you think. Doing so requires creativity, communication, and tech awareness. Formal invitations and social media marketing may attract event visitors, but these alone cannot help you achieve your trade show goals. You must make your attraction methods line up with what your customers want. Your ultimate target is to accelerate the sales funnel and build brand awareness among the audience. Here’s how to make your potential clients stop and notice your exhibits.

    Set up a Branded Booth

    A trade show booth design can either make or break the show. Design something unique and make your booth welcoming and inviting to visitors. Get a big booth and incorporate a perfect backdrop for engaging your customer with business content. Our retractable banner stands and fabric banner stands can easily set up anywhere to showcase your logo and business information, even in a large crowd gathering. These large and tall banners can forge a great deal of publicity, even at sporting events, malls, and theaters. Since we use long-life inks and durable materials, these color palette banners are highly resistant to wear and tear. They also give you a lot of flexibility with storage and traveling. Create a graphic impact by using easy-to-read messages, illustrations, and photos. The fewer elements you display on your banners, the more impact you can create among your audience. Visit us to design, print, and set up incredible trade show banners and to create a favorable impression among your visitors.

    Create a Multi-Sensory Experience

    Showcasing your services at a marketing event lets you compete with dozens of other businesses that all share the common objective of being the best in the industry. In this situation, standing out and winning people’s trust is a big deal. Smart trade show exhibitors keep their customers engaged and entertained by creating a multi-sensory booth experience. One great way to that is to bring a virtual reality demo of your products to grab customer attention. The multi-sensory experience can easily pique the interests of those around the event. These can help to engage your prospects on a level that no one else on the floor is reaching. The virtual reality demo can help your audience interact with your business’s services. The demo also helps to trigger curiosity and draw crowds into your trade show booth. They make your visitors see your company is utilizing some of the latest technological advancements.

    Use Strategic Lighting

    Spice up your trade show exhibit designs with attractive backlights and bold colors. Light up your illuminated logo with hanging lights to attract trade show visitors walking down the aisle. Flashing, moving, and twinkling lights can be used based on your target visitors. Set the appropriate tone and mood for your exhibits so your visitors feel comfortable to buy your products. Brand color palettes play a significant role in your exhibit design. They are a valuable element that can convey a powerful message about your company. In a sea of colors, design your booth with bold colors that delight people’s senses and cultivate a strong brand experience.

    If you’re looking to maximize your brand’s trade show experience, include gaming, quizzes, contests, a Wi-Fi party, gourmet food services, and valuable giveaways to make your event an unforgettable one.

  • 3 Trade Show Displays That Can Fit Any Budget

    Trade shows are a perfect way to gain exposure for your business. But to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to use the right trade show displays. We list some of the most popular products to help you choose one that’s right for your design and budget:

    Retractable Banner Stands:

    Banner stands are an indispensable element of trade shows and exhibitions. Of all the different types, retractable banner stands are probably the most popular. The banner stands have a roller mechanism that can hold the banner under tension. It rolls back easily to the base when not in use. They’re very easy to use and set up, and you can carry them easily anywhere. They’re versatile as well: combine a few retractable banner stands and you have a banner wall ready for an event.

    Tension Fabric Displays:

    Tension fabric trade show displays make use of aluminum poles and extrusions to create displays that are stretched well, ensuring the graphics look clean and wrinkle-free. You can also make the graphics pop out on tension fabric trade show displays with backlighting. They’re available in a wide range of shapes and can be customized to match your booth design.

    Hanging Fabric Displays:

    Hangingfabric displaysare used for high visibility. You can hang them from a ceiling to make sure visitors don’t miss you from anywhere within the exhibition. Aluminum tube sections are combined to form a wide range of shapes and they’re attached to a pillowcase graphic attachment.

    Are you looking for trade show display ideas? Call us to find the one that’s perfect for you!

  • 3 Trade Show Display Ideas To Help Your Booth Stand Out

    Trade shows are an invaluable marketing opportunity for businesses. This has been backed up through surveys, data, and research…the latest being a study published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). The survey claims that approximately 81 percent of attendees have buying authority and spend an average of 8.3 hours at a trade show exhibition. This means that you have the opportunity to engage with many of the people involved in their businesses important buying decisions. Here are a few ideas to help you get their attention:

    Create a Banner Wall to Maximize Brand Exposure:

    Banner walls are created by combining individual banner stands to form one large wall. They’re very popular at sporting and media events and also at shopping malls. Using banner walls creatively within your booth can attract people to your business by helping make you look bigger and more important than many of the business around you.

    For example, use banner walls on an open layout and then place smaller trade show displays like a counter or kiosk in front of or at the corner of the booth. Use the counters to hold giveaway contests; these are ideal for meet and greet purposes. This helps you create a booth that attracts attention, but also keeps the visitors engaged once they’re there.

    Or, you could create banner walls to create a store-like layout and line your products. Banner walls work well if you have a huge choice of products to offer: they encourage attendees to browse and interact with your brand and help convince them to buy.

    Draw Attention with Overhead Hangings:

    If you’re in a particularly crowded trade show, you may want to consider using hanging fabric displays. These can be hung up high and can often be seen from anywhere in the trade show floor. They help to draw the attention of visitors, allowing them to locate your booth regardless of what’s on the floor around you. Overhead hanging fabric displays can also make a booth look larger than usual and generate curiosity among visitors.

    Use Canopies and Tents:

    Canopies and tents are a favorite at farmers markets, festivals, and open exhibitions. The best thing about a canopy is that they’re easy to use, and the back or side wall can be used to display your graphics or logo.

    Are you looking for trade show display ideas? Call us!

  • What Does A Good Lead Look Like?

    Exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, etc. are exhausting – not only regarding the money spent but the time and energy they consume. The only way to maximize ROI is by collecting worthwhile leads and converting them into clients. Unfortunately, not everyone visiting your booth or recording their information can qualify as leads; you could probably call them inquiries or prospects, at most. Here are a few tips to help you spot one:

    Hot vs. Cold vs. Warm Leads:

    Customers who are ready for a sale and are visiting your booth for a specific purpose can be classifiedas a hot lead. They are closest to the buying cycle and easy to convince. Ensure that the sale process goes smoothly to open new doors to potential clients via referrals. Cold leads need nurturing and cannot be converted overnight. They are not ready to buy your product but can be convinced over time and follow up. You can convince them by demonstrating what you can do for them and pique their interest. Warm leads are people who show interest in your product, either by signing up for the newsletter, stopping by to comment on your trade show displays, or following you on social media. While you don’t have to chase them, these clients need a push in the right direction.

    Analyzing The Prospect:

    The best way to convert a prospect is to understand them. Use the lead capture form to not only collect basic information like email address, phone number, company position, name, etc. but also to take notes that could help you start a future conversation. Did you discuss a timeline for the purchase? Did the lead express concern about the budget? It all begins by asking the right questions. Rather than overwhelming the prospect with details and descriptions about your product, let them talk to understand who they are and what they need.

    Play a Game Of Tag:

    The lead capture form that we discussed earlier must include a system that helps you identify and keep track of visitors. Create tags to know their profile (sales, marketing, operations, etc.), product interest, areas covered, etc. Use these tags as a reference to ask the right questions and learn more about the visitor. Creating tags not only simplifies work but also saves time – enter these details in an Excel sheet and organize leads based on their tags!

    But all of this starts with getting people to visit your booth. And that starts with the right trade show displays! If you’re looking for affordable banner stands and trade show displayscontact us! We’re America’s leading online trade show banner stand and trade show display store!

  • 4 Steps to Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy

    Trade shows and face-to-face marketing promote and sell products and services to your customers. We’ll help you design, build, deliver, manage, and store a custom tradeshow exhibit – an essential element in your successful event strategy.

    Pick Your Goals

    What are your objectives in exhibiting products at live events? Examples include increased brand awareness, lead generation, relationship building, and short or long-term sales. Once you’ve established your goals, next assess your brand’s needs. What exhibit size will you need? Will you need multiple exhibits? What is your overall budget? Will you need help creating banner graphics? Next choose the style of your new booth – conservative, elegant, high-tech or minimalist. Then specify the feel of the booth– open, freeform, or symmetrical.

    Find An Expert Partner

    Finding an exhibition partner is a crucial step in designing your trade show exhibit. The best partner offers high-quality exhibits that meet your goals and stay within your budget. A bold, experienced partner can provide additional trade show services such as replacement graphics designs for banner stands, tabletop displays, counters, and kiosks. At Trade Show Display Pros, we sell a premium range of banner stands, pop up displays, fabric trade show displays, portable flag stands, literature racks, and banner designs at attractive prices. Many of our trade show displays are covered under a lifetime warranty. Looking for vibrant, digitally printed, full-color banners? Trade Show Display Pros are the perfect partners. Our exhibits pack in a portable carry case and set up easily – an ideal solution for any marketing event or lobby showcase. Professionally finished and classically presented, our trade show bannerstands will satisfy your promotional needs!

    Design the Exhibit

    Next, choose the construction style of your booth. Common construction styles include fully customized (exhibit designed entirely from customized materials), semi-customized (an exhibit that is custom designed from standard pieces and off-the-shelf components and modules), and systems (exhibits that are pre-designed in specific sizes and configurations).

    Design Exhibit Graphics

    Some exhibitors use in-house creative teams or graphic design agencies to handle  the design of their display graphics, and others are able to handle the design themselves. For those that don't have the ability to handle the design work, Trade Show Display Pros can provide that service as well. If you already have a display and just need updated graphics, Trade Show Display Pros can provide replacement graphics for any style of display. Call 877-389-8645 and speak with our experts to update your promotional message. Our products have been extensively testedfor durability and aesthetic appeal.

    These top tips for creating a great marketing plan will optimize your promotion strategy. Increase event attendance and visitor satisfaction while saving time and energy. Trade Show Display Pros can make your next event smarter and more captivating.

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