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  • 4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Banner Stand

    Banner stands are a great way to promote your business, not only during tradeshows and outdoor events but also at shopping malls and retail outlets. However, not all banner stands are made alike; some are suited for certain purposes while some aren’t. If you do not have a clear understanding of the different options, here’s a simple guide to help you pick the right product.

    • Buy a banner stand that’s sturdy and strong:

    There are plenty of Chinese products flooding the market. These are cheap for sure, but we cannot vouch for their quality. If you’re looking for quality and versatility, we wouldn’t advise buying them. Most banner stands are used for outdoor events; hence, buy products that are likely to withstand the elements. Custom designing these trade show displays isn’t an easy task – you will have to work with the designing team to include the logo, brand message, etc. With so much effort to put in, wouldn’t you want your display to last a long time?

    • Pick the right size:

    Before you buy banner stands or any other trade show display, make sure that you are aware of the size and space dimensions. This helps you buy signage that fits well in the space you have and provides optimum exposure. If the banner stand is too small, people will fail to notice you. And if it’s too big, you’ll have less space for customers and other elements of your overall display.

    • Work with the design team:

    At Trade Show Display Pros, our in-house graphics team can help you design your banner stand to make your display stand out from the crowd. If you don't have the ability to do your own design, this is a great option. A catchy display is sure to impress potential customers and increase your chances of achieving your marketing goals.

    • Speak to the customer service team:

    Different banner stands serve a different purpose. For example, a retractable banner stand is commonly used for tradeshows and exhibitions because they are easy to set up and take down. Portable banner stands, on the other hand, are often combined to create banner walls. They’re also perfect for people looking for affordable options.

    If you’re looking for banner stands, shop for them at Trade Show Display Pros. We offer a huge selection of trade show displays in every size, style, and design!

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Canopy Tent

    While banner stands and fabric displays are commonly used trade show display products, people rarely buy canopy tents. Marketers often ignore the many ways you can use a canopy tent to promote your product or service at events and trade shows. We list three ways you can make the most of your investment.

    • Branded canopies are perfect for maximizing your presence at outdoor events:

    If you’re looking for a quick way to promote your brand or product at an outdoor event, try using a custom printed canopy tent. If it is a fun event, you could gift them to stall owners to sell food or drinks. And if it is an exhibition, use these tents to direct people towards your stall. Tents are commonly sold in neutral colors like white, gray, etc. Custom printing them with your logo, color, etc. ensures better visibility and easy recognition. An eye-catching tent is a sure way to get people to notice your brand and company.

    • Canopy tents can be used to set up at a quick shop:

    Are you setting up shop at the farmer’s market or the local Sunday market? Use these canopy tents to set up shop quickly and sell products. Some of our products can be customized to create a store like feeling, in which you can arrange chairs and tables and have better control over lighting under the tent. The walls can be used to hang displays or pin marketing material.

    • Use canopy tents to offer protection from the sun or rain:

    If the trade show or event is going to be held on a sunny day, put up a tent with your brand message and logo, and welcome people to take shelter. You could also arrange for free drinking water as well. It ensures people know about your business and even make inquiries about your product or service.

    Are you looking for canopy tents and other related trade show displays? Contact us!

  • Why are Tension Fabric Displays So Popular?

    Tension fabric displays may be new to the world of banner displays, but their versatility has already made them popular across the world for advertising products, events, services and lots more. While content and design plays a large role in making a banner stand effective, the material on which it has been displayed also has an impact as it should justify the investment. To understand why these tension fabric trade show displays are so popular one has to understand the advantages it provides when compared to traditional materials like vinyl and film.

    Lightweight and versatile

    Tension fabric displays are increasingly being used during trade show displays as they are easy to carry around and set-up. They are available in both traditional flat form and “pillowcase”  styles that makes the display look modern and eye-catching.

    Customized content

    Fabric trade show displays are easy to customize to suit your sense of aesthetics and vision. Depending on the response of visitors that have come to your booth during a trade show and commented on their view of your organization, the displays can be changed to make it more interesting with panoramic photographs and colorful graphics. Large, seamless graphics are easy to create with a tension fabric display where they would have to be split into panels with traditional materials or they would be too large to ship.

    Easy to arrange and durable

    Tension fabrics are now used for many styles of banner stands as well as pop up frames, truss displays, tube frame displays and on a wide variety of mediums for advertisement purposes as they are lighter than traditional displays and the graphic can be folded for storage. This makes them easy to carry around during shows, and easy to pack once the show is over. Fabric graphics are durable and can even be washed if they get dirty.

    Appealing and economic

    Tension fabrics displays have a clean and stylish look which distinguishes them from traditional displays which sometimes leave seams and wrinkles across graphics. Rich, colorful displays that bring graphics alive are very appealing and do wonders for brand image during exhibitions and tradeshows. Tension fabric trade show displays are cost effective too as they offer several fabric varieties that can be used to create banner displays to fit within almost any budget.

  • Why Designing an Impressive Banner Defines your Success

    Promotion is an essential part of every business, and banner advertisement is used both online and offline to attract new buyers and to make people aware ofthe brand. Banners have to be of the right size and color to grab attention and memorably inform readers. Here are some essential tips that can improve the success rate of your banners whether they are used for trade show displays, shop displays, or promotional activities in public places.

    Focus on attractive description

    Banner advertisements are created to tell people about a brand and educate them about the value it can bring into their lives. Effective descriptions in the form of catchy slogans and challenging phrases will encourage people to know more about the firm and its products.

    Focus on the purposeof advertisement

    Most people tend to forget about advertisements the moment it is out of sight unless it has managed to strike a deep chord or need in them. It is critical to understand the purpose and target audience whose needs will be met from the advertisement before designing a banner to make it effective. Products of established brands should have banners with special offers as their loyal customers need little encouragement to buy their products while new firms have to inform potential buyers about their brand, background, and products.

    Focus on call to action triggers

    Do you remember the last banner advertisement you saw or the message it was displaying? People are so inundated with banners across various resources that it is hard to keep track and difficult for marketers to make an impact. So besides focusing on color, fonts, and graphics of the banner stand being used to showcase new products in your store’s display window, remember to use words that will act as call to action triggers. These words should have sufficient impact on people walking past to encourage them to examine the store's wares or come back at a convenient time to shop just because they feel that the store has the products they need.

  • Why You Should Use Banner Stands for Advertising

    Advertising business to potential customers comprises the use of various media platforms. In spite of the fact that media has evolved quickly in recent years, traditional printed signs and banners still offer many advantages for businesses. Store owners may advertise their latest specials, while some entrepreneurs use banners as displays at exhibitions and trade shows. Here are some reasons why banner stands are still extremely effective:


    • Inexpensive

    Advertising through multiple modern multimedia platforms can become expensive, while banners remain economical for every business owner, and at the same time they are as customizable as their online counterparts.


    • Efficient

    Banner stands are in high demand as advertising tools, as they are used to catch potential customers' attention at reasonable prices. Banner stands can be fabricated from aluminum, fiberglass, or similar materials that are sturdy enough to hold up to wear and tear. Portable retractable banner stands are convenient for easy transport and storage. Business owners find changing a banner on a transportable stand is extremely simple.


    • Practical

    Whether displayed at a trade show or any other event, banner stands attract potential customers without wasting unnecessary resources.


    • Repetitive

    Banners reinforce the brand or service every time they are viewed, especially if placed in a high-traffic area. If installed in a window or outdoor location in a good area, potential customers will pass it often and consider working with that business more and more.


    • Reusable

    Advertising banners are made from vinyl, fabric or other materials that are durable and that lasts for many years if kept clean and stored away from excessive humidity. Companies regularly attending trade shows can reuse the banners at every show, meaning they get a lot of mileage out of their investment.

  • Benefits of Quality Banner Stands at Trade Shows

    If you’re intending to promote your business at a trade show where there’s going to be a lot of competition, investing in a well design sign will definitely help. High-grade quality banner stands can provide the extra touch which will allow you to display your brand on a superior, retractable banner stand. The benefits are hard to beat for many reasons.


    • Attracting Attention

    The primary use of banner stands is to grab your audience’s eye with attractive displays containing your business logo, product, or services. The layout should highlight your brand amidst the competitors and should serve in bringing trade show attendees in your direction.


    • Number of Varieties

    Banner stands differ according to their utility. They are available in a variety of different sizes, from small tabletop banner standsto big retractable banner stands, enabling you to achieve exactly the right impact.


    • Affordable

    Participating in trade shows, whether as a big business or a small one, can be expensive. That’s why choosing banner stands at reasonable prices is a great idea. The rewards are huge and the investments are generally low and fair.


    • Easy Assembly

    Most trade show marketing require attractive displays to assemble. A good quality retractable banner stand, from, is extremely easy to both set up and to disassemble, allowing you to make the most of your time at your trade show.


    • Portability

    Carrying massive amounts of trade show display equipment can be challenging. That’s why it’s best to take advantage of portable retractable banner stands. The quicker and easier you can get going, the better outcome you’ll have at the show.


    For your next trade show, go to www.tradeshowdisplaypros.comand browse at our high-quality tabletop and retractable banner standsall at a great value.

  • Are Trade Shows Effective?

    In a world dominated by social media and digital marketing, does it make sense to invest in trade shows? Why should you spend thousands of dollars to create brand awareness when a social media consultant can do it for a fraction of that cost? The reason is, with a little ingenuity and a little planning, trade shows can reap great rewards. Here are a few reasons why we think trade shows are worth the effort:

    ● Statistics Say So:
    It has been found that four out of five people attending a trade show will become a potential customer (CEIR: The Changing Environment of Exhibitions). Attendees spend about a number of hours at the show visiting various exhibits. Converting attendees to customers in a trade show is comparatively easier than sales calls. They’re right in front of you!

    ● Brand Visibility:
    If you are a small or medium scale company with a great new product, trade shows are a great opportunity to tell people about your business. Potential clients will be more engaged when they can see the product firsthand. This is much better than placing an ad in a newspaper when in all likelihood your brand is going to be buried under a pile of news content.

    ● Directly Meeting Potential Clients:
    An effective sales team can encourage attendees to use the product and experience its benefits firsthand. Since a majority of attendees are qualified buyers, you have higher chances of making a sale. But because you only have one chance to impress, make sure to do your best by using well-trained staff and effective trade show display products.

    Looking for quality trade show displays like banner stands and fabric displays? Call us!

  • 5 Uses of Banner Stands

    Banner stands are very popular as trade show displays and exhibitions. They come in a wide range of widths, heights, materials, and price ranges. However, their uses aren’t just limited to exhibitions and trade shows. We list five uses for you:

    ● To Give Directions:
    Banner stands in airports or office lobbies can be used to guide visitors and give directions. This is especially useful if you are in a busy place where people are likely to get lost. Put out banner stands to make it easy for people to find their way.

    ● Weddings:
    Using banner stands at weddings may seem a little odd, but they’re very useful. For example, if setting up photo booths is too expensive and beyond your budget, set up a banner wall with a creative wedding theme. Your guests can use this as a backdrop to see some great photos. You can also place pictures of the bride and groom on tabletop banner stands and use them as centerpieces. Or you could use tabletop banner stands to tell people what’s on the menu.

    ● Announce Specials:
    Got a Friday night special planned at your restaurant? Use a banner stand to showcase your menu. You can also use them outside your business to announce promo sales and other discounts. Are you a party caterer? Don’t waste money on visiting cards; use a banner stand to reach potential clients!

    ● Welcome Signs:
    Impress your visitors with cool welcome signs displayed on banner stands. They make for the perfect branding opportunity before the customer even sets foot inside your store.

    ● Explanatory Tools:
    Setting up a banner stand that explains the features of a product at an exhibition or trade show is an excellent strategy to promote your product. You can also use them as a reference to explain your product’s step by step process.

    Looking for banner stands and other trade show displays? Call us!

  • 4 Tips To Create A Successful Trade Show Booth

    Participating in a trade show can be expensive and frustrating, but also a useful tool in growing your business. You have to carefully plan what to display and how to display it for the best impact. Here are a few tips we suggest to help you plan a successful trade show:

    1. Use Quality Display Products To Make Your Booth Stand Out:

    Potential clients are more likely to visit a visually appealing booth. Good quality trade show displays not only look more professional, but they also convey your message clearly. At, we showcase a wide selection of products for all your business needs including banner stands, banner walls, tension fabric displays, popup trade show displays, counters, kiosks, and canopy tents.

    1. Don’t Overcrowd The Booth:

    Choose your products wisely. A booth overflowing with too many products is likely to confuse and overwhelm visitors. People visiting your booth should have a clear idea what your message is.  Also, don’t overcrowd your booth with too many staff members. A good rule of thumb is a 10x10 booth needs two people to staff it.

    1. Come Up With A Lead Retrieval Process:

    Trade shows are great for the potential contacts that the event brings. That is why lead generation is a huge target for companies. You can rent portable scanners to upload all contacts into your system. Have them leave their business card or link them to a special discount offer to your product or service.

    1. Pick The Right Staff:

    Pick team members who understand the product well and can engage with prospective clients with confidence. Provide talking points and make sure that they can answer any question related to the product. Staff chatting among themselves when a visitor is inside the booth, or eating inside the booth during the exhibition is a strict no-no.

    Looking for quality trade show display products? Call us at 877 389 8645 for more information.

  • 3 Rules To Follow To Avoid Wasting Your Trade Show Budget

    The trade show and exhibition market are competitive and crowded. However, they offer plenty of opportunities to participating companies to grow sales and gain exposure. Trade shows can cost thousands of dollars in booth space, displays, and travel expenses. Without a proper budget, companies can waste too much money and time without seeing a significant return. Here’s what you can do to make a trade show profitable and avoid over spending:

    • Book Ahead of Time:

    Whether you’re looking to book a booth or you are planning to buy a trade show display, last-minute purchases are always expensive. Some services like electrical and cleaning could cost you an extra 10-20% if you do not book in advance. If possible, visit the exhibition venue at least six months in advance so that you have enough time to plan for what you will need for the show. If that’s not practical, get details from the show administrators so you can be properly prepared.

    • Book A Booth You Can Afford:

    Companies often make the mistake of booking booths that are too expensive. Yes, it is a trade show and you want to impress potential clients. However, with a major portion of your budget taken up on booth space, you have little money to spend on other essential expenses. It is also difficult to break-even with a big booth and the staff to manage it. Rather than large booths, customers are looking for a well-organized booth with products that are well arranged accompanied by knowledgeable staff.

    • Consider Booth Structure And Size:

    Trade show displays often come in standard and custom sizes. Custom designed trade show displays will be more expensive, where standard size banner stands and fabric trade show displays are very cost effective. For example, back wall displays usually come in a 20 foot configurations, but if you need a custom 18 foot wide display, you’ll need to budget for the extra customization costs. If you have an unconventional idea for your trade show display, speak to us a few weeks in advance – we can help!

    Looking for trade show displays? Call us at 877 389 8645 for more information…

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