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  • 5 Best Benefits of a Trade Show Tabletop Display

    If you’re getting ready to go to a trade show, whether for a hobby or otherwise, there are definite benefits to having a trade show tabletop display. These benefits can be as simple as additional sales, but as complex as helping you organize your wares at a trade show.


    Benefits of a Trade Show Tabletop Display

    When it comes to the benefits of having a tabletop display at a trade show, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. The negatives are typically that you’ll have to decorate on your own and that you’re in charge of your own wares, but otherwise, there are extreme benefits.


    Here are the top 5 benefits you can experience at a trade show if you have a tabletop display.


    1.    A Tabletop Display Can Improve Your Brand and Business

    Trade shows are a great resource for your business, no matter the size. If you run a small startup or if you’ve been in the business for 20 years, a trade show can help improve your brand and business, while also getting your name out there.


    At a trade show, rather than necessarily reaching a price quota or sales amount, you can gauge your success on how many leads you get. This is great because simple tabletop displays can help you receive as many leads as something large and flashy.


    Even if your display is small, you can decorate your trade show tabletop display with branding for your business so that everyone knows what your deal is. You must find exciting and innovative ways to promote your brand and reach out to customers through your trade show tabletop display.


    2.    Customize Your Tabletop Display to Your Advantage

    Similar to the previous point, one of the benefits of a trade show tabletop display is you can customize it however you want. If you have a new product you’re trying to promote, or a new service, you can set that upfront and center in your tabletop display. Or you can find other ways to promote your service and brand so that they’re attention-getting and that they draw customers to your table.


    Make use of the fact that tabletop displays can come in many designs, styles, shapes, and other forms so that you can mix and match pieces to your advantage. Whenever it is that will benefit your brand, you can successfully procure it for your tabletop display. Additionally, you can also decide to include graphics and images specific to your brand to make sure that attendees won’t be able to forget you as soon as they walk away.


    Use whatever combination of tabletop banner stands, self-packing briefcase displays, pop-up displays, folding tabletop displays, and tension fabric displays to make the best display for your needs and purpose.


    3.    Easy to Set Up and Tear Down

    Another one of the benefits of a tradeshow tabletop display is that you can make it extremely easy to set up and tear down. When you know what impact you need to have from your tabletop display, you can prioritize the important parts and then customize the smaller parts to be easy to transport.


    A large booth will certainly have a higher visual appeal, but that also means that the large booth will require more in the way of shipping and transportation. If you don’t have the funds to handle large-scale transportation, that’s all right – bigger doesn’t always mean better.


    With a tabletop display, you’ll find that even the largest of them are lightweight, compact, and, essentially, portable. Many of the stock tabletop displays offer carrying options that can help you move your display where it needs to go without spending loads of money and time on securing transportation services.


    4.    Great for All Budgets

    There are, of course, additional benefits of a trade show tabletop display, and the next one on the list is that they aren’t too expensive to set up or take down. No matter what your budget is, it should be possible to add in the addition of a tabletop display. Of course, the more elaborate you get, the more it will cost, but even the most elaborate model will still be comparatively affordable. Because of this, stock models can offer the same ROI as a custom, extravagant booth, meaning that you can save money and make money, no matter the size of your tabletop display.


    5.    Great for Communication

    When it comes to sales, leads, and getting your name/brand out there, there is nothing better for your business than having face-to-face interactions with your potential customers. Tabletops are one of those elements of a tradeshow that are meant to increase how much you can communicate with your potential customers.


    Because of how small they are, it’s extremely easy to communicate with customers even if you can only afford a small amount of time for each interaction. The small size also will allow whatever group of staff members you have in your booth to attend to whatever they need to attend promptly.


    Find a tabletop display that is great for your needs and the size of your staff, and then adapt your desires to the best tabletop for the tradeshow. You’ll be surprised at how beneficial a tabletop display is.



    When it comes to the benefits of a trade show tabletop display, there are many more than what was touched upon in this blog. When it comes to many of the benefits, you might only discover what they are once you participate in a trade show!


    You’ll have to figure out which elements of a trade show tabletop display are best for your needs. It may take a few different trade shows and displays in various forms to determine which display is best for you, but once you settle on one, you’ll find that the benefits keep coming.


  • Going Green: Use These Tips To Make An Eco-Friendly Trade Show Booth

    Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on waste when you’re participating at a trade show? Use these awesome tips to go green and create a fabulous booth. You’ll be able to tell your customers you promote sustainability initiatives if you do.

    #1: Use Eco-friendly Banners

    When printing banners for your booth, consider using eco-friendly materials. Fabric and aluminum are great because they can be reused and recycled. You can use fabric trade show displays instead of plastic banners.

    #2: Reuse Trade Show Displays

    Instead of printing new displays and banners for each exhibition, you should consider reusing existing trade show displays. Invest in high-quality trade show display stands that’ll last a long time. On these displays, include your brand name, contact details, and other important information. If you do this, you can reuse these banners at other events.

    #3: Purchase LED Lighting

    You’ll need to invest in some high-quality lighting to make your trade show booth amazing. When choosing lighting for your booth, opt for LED bulbs that consume less energy when compared to traditional CFL and incandescent bulbs. Also, when choosing lighting, look for bulbs that have a higher star rating. The more stars there are, the more energy-saving the bulb is.

    #4: Invest In High-Quality Materials

    When you’re shopping for booth furniture, look for high-quality and sustainable materials. When you’re shopping for furniture, you need to keep longevity in mind. Purchase furniture that’ll last a long time. This way you get bang for your buck.

    #5: Go Digital

    Go green and give up the paper pamphlets. Most attendees don’t go through these anyways; they just toss them in the trash. These pamphlets are a massive waste of money and materials. Try digital pamphlets. Get attendees’ email addresses, and then you can send them digital pamphlets when this is convenient. This isn’t just an eco-friendly move; doing this will also turn more leads into sales. You can also invest in digital trade show displays; these will help you stand out at an event.

    #6: Be Prudent Before You Print

    Whenever it’s possible, try to cut down on how much you print. And when you print, make sure you print on recycled material, or use eco-friendly ink so you can boast a green factor. Eco-friendly ink is made from vegetables, which means producing it doesn’t harm the environment. You can produce some high-quality, vivid images if you print on eco-friendly materials.

    #7: Distribute Eco-Friendly Swag

    Swag can be found at every trade show. If you want to effectively promote your brand image and increase brand visibility, avoid plastic and invest in high-quality, sustainable swag. You can give out reusable stainless steel water bottles, bamboo pens, fabric tote bags, and notebooks that are made from recycled paper.

    Going green is not just good for the planet. You’ll also score brownie points with event attendees if you show you care about the planet. Customers today are focused on sustainability, and they appreciate businesses that care about sustainability. Think outside the box and figure out ways to minimize your carbon footprint the next time you participate at a trade show.

  • What You Can Expect From Virtual Trade Shows

    Just like many other things, trade shows and exhibitions have gone digital, in large part because the Covid pandemic necessitated this. If you’ve never heard of a virtual trade show before—and you’re looking to benefit from participating in one—read on!

    What Is A Virtual Trade Show?

    Virtual trade shows are a lot like traditional in-person trade shows; the main, obvious difference is that virtual trade shows are held online. At virtual trade shows, attendees can interact with companies and brand representatives, and this is what attendees would be doing at a regular trade show.

    Benefits Of Virtual Trade Shows

    The biggest benefit of a virtual trade show is that individuals from around the world can connect at one of these. Brands that are looking for maximum exposure are participating in virtual trade shows now because they understand how many individuals can be reached at these events. After all, a participant just needs good internet connection. Here are some more reasons why brands love virtual trade shows:

    • Reach A Wider Audience: Virtual exhibition crowds are 8x to 10x larger than the crowds you’ll see at real world trade shows. You can put your brand in front of a larger audience for a low cost. And no travel is required, which is a huge perk in the post Covid-19 era.
    • Increase Brand Visibility For A Low Cost: If you ask any trade show veteran, they will tell you that location matters at a trade show. Your booth needs to occupy prime real estate if you want to pull in a big crowd. But at a virtual trade show, you can maximize brand exposure without needing prime real estate. You can link trade show attendees to your site, and you can also display your most popular products and services easily.
    • Engage With Interested Trade Show Attendees: Just like at a regular trade show, you can connect and engage with interested attendees at a virtual trade show. You can even make interactions totally personal by setting up one-on-one video conferences with prospective clients.
    • Capture And Convert Leads: At a virtual trade show, you can use a variety of strategies to capture leads. You can engage with each attendee and seamlessly guide them through the sales funnel.

    Make Your Brand Stand Out At A Virtual Trade Show

    In the end, a virtual trade show is still a trade show. Therefore, all the rules of regular trade shows apply here as well. Here are a few tips you can use to make your booth stand out at a virtual event:

    • Consistent Branding: Just like you would decorate a traditional trade show booth with trade show display stands, you need to brand your virtual booth as well. Use a tabletop pull-up banner or a pop-up banner to display your branding message, logos, and other information.
    • Have Clear Audio & Video: Make sure that your camera and mic are working correctly. Do a trial run before the event to ensure that you're audible and coming across clear to the audience.
    • Share Virtual Pamphlets: You would pass out pamphlets and leaflets to audience members at an in-person event, so you should do the same here. The only difference is that there won’t be any paper—everything is digital, of course.
    • Practice Your Pitch: Prepare a short 30-second pitch. It should introduce your brand and your product/services. Practice the pitch ahead of time so you don't stumble during the livestream.
    • Send Complimentary Swag To Attendees: For that extra touch, you can send attendees a real gift. Ask them to fill out a form with their contact details so you can send them free swag like t-shirts, journals, or desk organizers.

    Since the world is moving online, it's no surprise that trade shows have gone virtual. Use these tips to make the most of your next virtual trade show.

  • 4 Safety Precautions for Post-COVID Trade Shows

    As the world slowly limps back to its feet after the devastating effects of the pandemic, the trade show industry prepares for a new normal. Across the United States, exhibitors are looking for ways to organize trade shows safely and responsibly. If you’re among those who have decided to restore customer confidence through in-person experiences offered by trade shows and exhibitions, here are a few tips to help you do it right


    1. Encourage In-Person Attendance by Ensuring Safety for Everyone

    A recent study found that nearly 60% of trade show attendees feel it’s too early for in-person attendance. With so many people worried about their health, you must assuage their genuine concerns. Make sure your booth layout is spacious and all trade show displays are six feet apart. Use appropriate digital trade show displays as signage to encourage guests to follow COVID protocols. Use wall stickers to make reading easy and place wall signs to inform everyone about safety guidelines. You may consider asking unvaccinated guests to continue wearing masks and have Rapid Antigen Self-Test Results available during the event.


    2. Look for Novel Ways to Offer Gifts and Giveaways

    Offering complimentary gifts is an essential element of trade shows and exhibits. Given the situation, you’ll have to develop unique ideas to continue this practice. Consider e-coupons or gift cards that can be emailed to visitors. Or you could mail gifts to reduce health risks from shared surfaces.


    3. Use Technology to Your Advantage

    Implement tech tools to ensure touchless transactions and data gathering. RFID tracking, voice-activated interfaces, QR code-scanning, wireless charging stations, facial recognition software, and interactive robots are some tools that can be implemented to reduce risks and ensure safety.


    4. You Don’t Have to Compromise on Booth Experience by Prioritizing Health and Safety

    Safety protocols don’t have to put a dampener on your marketing efforts. You can still tell your brand story despite the limitations. Use clean and straightforward messages to capture visitor attention. Make the most of available spaces by using portable banner stands for product display. Consider working product information into a digital piece to ensure easy access during or after the show. It could be as simple as sending a PDF to avoid handing over brochures that would otherwise occupy space.

  • 3 Tips to Creating a COVID-Safe Trade Show Exhibit

    COVID-19 brought many parts of the United States to a screeching halt in 2020, but Americans have slowly returned to normality since then. Although no one knows if we’ll ever return to pre-pandemic normal, life moves forward. While we wait for a post-pandemic world, there are a few things businesses can do now to create a COVID-safe exhibit at trade shows.

    1. Focus on a Socially Distanced Booth Design

    You can create a welcoming environment with some ingenuity while maintaining social distance. Consider a less-is-more approach in terms of product display and booth staff. Use signage, digital trade show displays, and floor graphics to help guests navigate space within the booth. Guide visitors to walk through a designated entrance to create a one-way flow to ensure safety. Plus, you can also use trade show displays to create barriers for an added sense of protection. These displays can be integrated into the design using a wide range of materials, shapes, and colors that complement your brand. Use AV equipment for product presentations and create designated spaces for one-to-one interaction.


    2. Make Sure Your Staff Are COVID-Compliant

    Before addressing visitors, you must make your staff feel confident interacting with attendees. Everyone involved must have a clear understanding of what they need to accomplish and how they intend to meet these goals. Plan your strategy around staff requirements. For example, if digital interaction isn’t feasible, strategically place a hand sanitizer to allow attendees to stay safe and participate in demonstrations. If food giveaways are a part of the exhibit, they should be pre-packaged and sealed. Ensure staff is up to date on all safety measures by sending regular updates through a common communication channel. Ensure booth staff wear masks at all times, and encourage them to wash their hands frequently.


    3. Be Prepared for Event Disruptions in the Future

    The pandemic has brought about changes in the way companies do business. Executives and employees have needed to adapt to the situation quickly. Adapting has included digitizing their customer interactions, changing internal operations, and introducing digitally enabled products.


    These changes may not be temporary. Instead, the invaluable skills learned through the crisis can be used to future-proof the business. Executives should understand that not everyone will have the same comfort level while attending in-person events. They must look for out-of-the-box solutions to address these customers. Businesses must also look for ways to incorporate hybrid elements into future events.


    Call us at 877-389-8645 to buy retractable banner stands and other trade show displays at affordable prices.

  • How To Choose The Right Colors For Banners: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

    Colors play a crucial role in non-verbal communication. Moreover, the human brain understands colors faster than text. Market studies have shown that colors significantly influence individuals when they’re purchasing products. As you can see, colors should not be underestimated. That’s why you must consider these when designing banners and trade show displays. In this post, we’ll help you understand the psychology of colors. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the right colors for your banner ads and other marketing signage.

    There Are No Good Or Bad Colors: It All Depends On Context

    You may have come across articles stating that red means anger and yellow means happiness. Well, there's no scientific theory behind these statements. Instead, it all depends on the context. Culture, experiences, personal characteristics, language, and several other factors influence how we perceive colors. So forget all you've learned about good and bad colors—choose colors that match the context well.

    For example, red is a powerful color that can engage and captivate your audience when used in the right way. When choosing colors for pop-up banners, retractable banners, and other marketing materials, the critical point to consider is this: does the banner match your brand’s color scheme? Use your brand’s colors to create cohesive marketing materials that will go with your logo, signage, and brochures.

    Color Contrasts: The Key To Creating Engaging & Impressive Banners

    Now that we understand the basics of color context, it's time to focus on another crucial aspect of banner design: color contrast. Contrast helps with highlighting important information, making it easy for the reader to distinguish the critical information from the rest of the text.

    For example, if your trade show banner has a dark blue background, and you place dark-colored text on this, it’ll be challenging for the reader to see what the text says. On the other hand, using text that’s white or yellow would create proper contrast, making it easy for the reader to notice the text.

    Also, note that too much contrast creates the reverse effect. Placing two or more strong colors next to each other creates a jarring effect that again diminishes readability. While choosing colors, make sure you do not exaggerate the contrast so much that the banner becomes unpleasant to the readers’ eyes.

    Know Your Audience

    When designing your banners, you need to consider your target audience. For example, suppose your target audience lives in a major sports town. In that case, it's a good idea to avoid using the colors of a rival sports team in your banners. Similarly, if you have a direct competitor, then avoid using their colors, as customers can mistake your brand for your rival's. Finally, avoid using too many colors, as this can feel cluttered and overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is to stick to two or three main colors in your banner design.

    Use these tips and learn more about color psychology to design attractive and visually impressive banners.

  • Use These Tips to Build an Impactful & Engaging Trade Show Booth

    Are you struggling with making your trade show booth stand out in a sea of exhibitors? Is your booth getting lost in the crowd at a trade show? Check out these trade show booth design tips to make a splash at your next exhibition and make a bigger impact on visitors.

    1. Get Your Branding Right

    The first step is to get your branding right. When setting up a trade show booth, ensure that your brand’s theme is consistent across all marketing materials, from banners to displays, freebies, etc.

    Start by investing in high-quality trade show displays. Try retractable banner stands, wall and floor signage, and other displays to attract visitors to your brand. When choosing branding material, look for premium signage and displays that can be reused again and again. For example, tabletop pull-up banners are easy to store and transport, and they can be used year in and year out without showing signs of wear and tear.

    2. Draw In Visitors With Interactive Games & Activities

    No trade show visitor wants to watch a marketing video or listen to a booth presenter drone on and on about their products and services. You need to provide them with a hook so they stay. Trade show attendees love games and interactive activities, especially when there’s a chance to win prizes. When planning activities, look for games that are relevant to your industry. They should be fun and sometimes surprising. For example, you can set up a mini-golf course if you're targeting golfers.

    Finally, use this opportunity to build your target audience list. Have attendees sign up with their name, email, or phone number to participate. This way, you can reach out to the people on your list after the event for further marketing.

    3. Demonstrate Your Product (Or Service)

    Instead of just handing out brochures to visitors, you should engage them and pique their curiosity by demonstrating your product or service. This also allows visitors to experience your product first hand. While presenting a product, focus on its value—not just its features. The more involved the audience is with your product or service, the more likely they will commit to a purchase.

    4. Understand Trade Show Booth Real Estate

    There are certain areas in a booth that make maximum impact. For example, the back wall is the focal point of most kiosks. Put your most important design elements, like your key message and logo, there for display. You can place other less critical messages like your social media feed elsewhere. Ensure that all key messages are prominent by placing them at eye level, preferably at 4 or 5 feet above the ground.

    5. Take Advantage of Color Psychology

    The psychology of colors is complex. Different colors have different connotations. For example, red induces hunger while blue evokes calm and serenity. Use the right colors to make your booth and marketing message stand out. Warmer colors like red, yellow, and orange are engaging. Still, you have to avoid overusing them, as they can overwhelm visitors. Cooler colors like blue, green, purple, and white appear professional, and when used right, can draw in visitors.

    Designing an engaging and innovative trade show booth can be a challenge. However, you can leave a lasting impression on your visitors if you try out the tips listed here.

  • 5 Reasons to Use Folding Panel Displays at Your Exhibitions

    Folding panel displays are widely used in trade shows and presentations when you want to show off vibrant graphics to your audience. They have a strong aesthetic effect and are versatile. Here are the top five reasons you should consider folding panel displays for your next exhibition booth.

    1. Makes an Eye-Catching Display

    Folding panels are typically used to create large-scale trade show displays with vibrant graphics and printing. They are often the first thing an audience or visitor notices about your booth. They can be utilized to provide visitors with important information about your brand and products even if they do not stop by your booth.

    2. Highly Customizable

    The panels are composed of high-quality materials that can showcase the graphics of your choice. You can also use panels to pin your printed materials or stick them with Velcro. If your booth is not in a corner or against a wall, you can even use dual-sided printing. The panels are made up of smaller panels, allowing you to customize them to fit your booth space. If your booth doesn’t have much space, you can also go for table top banners for a colorful display.

    3. Wider Options to Choose From

    Depending on your display area, you can design folding panels in different sizes. Whether you want a sizeable foldable panel display or a small table top panel display, there are various options available in size, configuration, and more. You can also get folding panels that can be set up in different sizes and shapes based on the booth size so that you can set up your display to suit the venue.

    4. Easy to Transport and Store

    Folding panels are made of several boards or panels that are to be affixed to a frame. They are easy to install and dismantle quickly. They come with an easy-to-carry bag for storage and transportation.

    5. Cost-Effective

    With all the options to choose from, folding panel displays are relatively inexpensive. They offer great visual impact for your advertising. They can be customized with any material and fabric for your next digital trade show display within your budget.

    Folding panel displays are attention-grabbers available in a range of designs and layouts. They are easy to assemble, transportable, lightweight, and long-lasting. Shop for fantastic configuration options and wow visitors at your next trade show with a fantastic folding panel display.

  • Why Should You Choose Portable Flag Stands to Advertise Your Brand?

    Flag stands offer great advertising of your brand with simple designs. Advertising on a flag stand is unique and still has the edge over modern digital trade show displays. Consider the below benefits of flag stands for your next advertising campaign.

    1. Cost-Effective

    Flag stands are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a lot of extra supplies to set them up. They can be customized with various fabric choices and come with dual-sided printing for maximum impact. They are ideal as trade show displays.

    2. Simple to Set It Up

    Flag stands are made of a base, pole, and printed fabric. All you have to do is slide the fabric down over the pole, and your banner is ready to go. You get display material with lightweight fabrics and pole materials to make transporting them easier. Plus, they don’t take up much room.

    3. Get Year-Round Advertising

    The higher the flag stands are, the more visible they are. This type of banner can interest more consumers. When strategically positioned outside a store or office, flag stand advertisements can be viewed by those passing by provide year-round exposure for your business and products. That can cause significant savings for your marketing team.

    4. Durable and Long-Lasting

    Flag stands can be used indoors and outdoors for trade shows, courtyards, festivals, events, and conferences. The use of high-quality fabric ensures the flag’s longevity. You can display a single flag stand or a series of flag stands to attract attention. If you use table top banners for your trade show booth, flag stands are an excellent choice for conferences.

    5. Easy to Design and Print

    With numerous options available in the fabric type and sizes, you can customize your flag stand to optimize your brand advertising. Whether you choose the feather banner, teardrop model, or the regular rectangular shape, they are available in various sizes and fabric types to fit your style and budget. You can get high-quality printing on your flags to display information.

  • 7 Benefits of Using a Pop Up Banner for Your Business

    Pop up banners are an essential accessory for trade shows and exhibitions. These versatile banners allow you to display your company logo and information that attract potential customers. They are dynamic, attractive, and can be conveniently transported anywhere. These portable pop up banners offer you these seven benefits for your business.

    1. Highly Customizable

    There are different types of banners like tension fabric, printed, digital, or vinyl. You can choose a pop up banner that suits your trade show display needs. Tension fabric displays allow you to custom-print your company logo and other information on them. Pop up banners can seamlessly fit your trade show display stands too. Unleash your creativity and create a banner that resonates with your company brand.

    Browse our great selection of customizable pop up banners for your next trade show display.

    2. Easy to Set Up

    Pop up banners are generally foldable and easy to set up. You only need to open the stand and fix the banner on it. Find the best quality trade show display stands online, and get them delivered to your business.

    3. Less Storage Space

    Pop up banners can be easily folded and rolled. You don’t need much storage space for these banners when they aren’t in use.

    4. Easy to Transport

    The banners are lightweight and compact and can travel with you to shows and exhibitions. You can carry them anywhere easily and set them up in minutes. They pair well with digital trade show displays at trade shows and exhibitions.

    5. Affordability

    Pop up banners come in various sizes and shapes. The printing material can also be chosen to suit your budget. You can even print on both sides for a low cost. These features make a pop up banner an affordable tool for your trade show displays.

    6. Offers Better Visibility

    Pop up banners can be customized according to your booth size and shape, offering better visibility to your brand name and logo. You can find banners starting from four feet and up to 20 feet that can be easily customized. Though brochures and fliers can give detailed information, a large pop up banner instantly attracts potential customers.

    Find the perfect banner for your upcoming trade show display with us!

    Longevity and Durability

    Pop up banners are created with high-quality fabric and material that last for a long time. If they are cared for properly, they can last many years with minimal wear and tear. Pop up banners give you full value for your money.

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