About Us

Thank you for your interest in TradeShowDisplayPros. 

Trade shows are important events for companies in most industries, and our goal at TradeShowDisplayPros.com is to offer the largest selection of displays in every size and style so that every customer can find what they need within their budget. We offer fast turn around times to meet even tight deadlines, with a selection of display that can be produced in as little as 1-2 days for those last minute projects. While our website is relatively new, we are part of Power Graphics Digital Imaging, Inc., and have been in the business of providing superior display products, large format printing and service to our customers since 1987. 

We're very solutions oriented, so if you don't see what you're looking for or just want to find out if there are options you're not aware of, you can reach us through our live customer support chat in the left sidebar, or by e-mail and telephone from the Contact Us page.

Below are some of the things that you should know about us:

We offer a huge selection of trade show displays in every style and size. We offer top brands such as Expand, Expolinc, Triga, Orbus, Mark Bric, Banner Bug, Testrite and more, along with exclusive models manufactured specifically for us.

We actively look to offer unique products that you won't find everywhere else. By necessity, many of the displays we offer are very common styles. Where similar displays are available, we try to offer the best value on the market by finding the right balance between price and quality. As with most things, it's easy to find cheap, low quality products, but unfortunately they are not usually marketed as such so we make sure every display we offer is accurately represented on our site so customers know what they are purchasing.

As much as possible, we offer products made in the U.S. with the best warranties, or we offer multiple options when appropriate so the customer can choose the price, quality and warranty that fits their needs.

All graphics are produced in-house at our Utah facility for the best quality and price, as well as the fastest turnaround times. As a division of Power Graphics Digital Imaging, Inc., we've been in business since 1987 providing industry leading quality, so you can be assured we're here to provide quality and support in the long term. Dye sublimated graphics are produced by our manufacturing partners and are selected for their ability to meet our same standards of quality, price and turnaround time. 

We take orders seriously. That probably sounds obvious, but in our experience, not many companies do this anymore. We work hard to make our website easy to navigate and shop, to have a great variety of displays at the best prices, and to make it so customers can find our site to place orders. When a customer puts their trust in us by placing an order, we take that personally and do everything we can to make sure the order is fulfilled correctly and on time. Most customers would be surprised to see what goes on behind the scenes to ensure this happens. Since websites are an impersonal method of shopping, most customers get the sense that orders are somehow completed automatically, not realizing how many people are personally involved in each order, working hard to make sure it's printed, packaged and shipped on time to the right location. We often question orders that don't seem to make sense to us to ensure the customer hasn't ordered something by mistake that won't work for their needs, rather than just blindly ship things that could be a mistake. We take great pride in our customer service, and this is just one aspect of that, and it largely goes unnoticed, and often unappreciated, but getting orders right the first time is one of the most important customer services we offer.

It's important to us that your trade show display purchase be a positive experience. If you need any assistance in selecting a display or help after the sale, don't hesitate to Contact Us via phone, e-mail, or through our live chat.