3 Tips To Identify A Good Trade Show Lead

What Does A Good Lead Look Like?

Exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, etc. are exhausting – not only regarding the money spent but the time and energy they consume. The only way to maximize ROI is by collecting worthwhile leads and converting them into clients. Unfortunately, not everyone visiting your booth or recording their information can qualify as leads; you could probably call them inquiries or prospects, at most. Here are a few tips to help you spot one:

Hot vs. Cold vs. Warm Leads:

Customers who are ready for a sale and are visiting your booth for a specific purpose can be classifiedas a hot lead. They are closest to the buying cycle and easy to convince. Ensure that the sale process goes smoothly to open new doors to potential clients via referrals. Cold leads need nurturing and cannot be converted overnight. They are not ready to buy your product but can be convinced over time and follow up. You can convince them by demonstrating what you can do for them and pique their interest. Warm leads are people who show interest in your product, either by signing up for the newsletter, stopping by to comment on your trade show displays, or following you on social media. While you don’t have to chase them, these clients need a push in the right direction.

Analyzing The Prospect:

The best way to convert a prospect is to understand them. Use the lead capture form to not only collect basic information like email address, phone number, company position, name, etc. but also to take notes that could help you start a future conversation. Did you discuss a timeline for the purchase? Did the lead express concern about the budget? It all begins by asking the right questions. Rather than overwhelming the prospect with details and descriptions about your product, let them talk to understand who they are and what they need.

Play a Game Of Tag:

The lead capture form that we discussed earlier must include a system that helps you identify and keep track of visitors. Create tags to know their profile (sales, marketing, operations, etc.), product interest, areas covered, etc. Use these tags as a reference to ask the right questions and learn more about the visitor. Creating tags not only simplifies work but also saves time – enter these details in an Excel sheet and organize leads based on their tags!

But all of this starts with getting people to visit your booth. And that starts with the right trade show displays! If you’re looking for affordable banner stands and trade show displayscontact us! We’re America’s leading online trade show banner stand and trade show display store!