Expolinc Fabric System 20x8 Curved Wall

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$3,258.00 each

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The Expolinc Fabric System 20x8 Curved Wall includes 3 telescopic support poles with steel bases, fabric graphic, 4 fabric end holders, 12 straight or curved graphic profiles, 10 profile connectors, bags for the poles, profiles, graphic and bases, and the Expolinc Standard Case XL to hold everything.

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$3,258.00 each

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$3,258.00 each

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The Expolinc Fabric System is a tension fabric trade show display that was designed from the ground up to be simple to use. Thanks to a unique design, it's quick to set up and take down by a single person without tools or ladders, which isn't the case with most other fabric displays. It was also designed to allow a tremendous amount of flexibility with an almost unlimited number if sizes and shapes possible from a few simple components. This cost effective trade show display solution is composed of telescopic support poles with weighted bases that can adjust from 45" to 114" in height. These poles are flexible near the top in order to allow them to bend as other poles in the system are raised and lowered, which is what makes it so easy for a single person to set up the system. Graphic profiles are available in straight, inner curve and outer curve shapes, and they are connected together to form the top and bottom graphic rails that attach to the support poles. The profiles are available in 43.3" lengths, but they can be cut to other sizes as needed making for an infinite number of possible size combinations.

This simple design also allows for endless reconfiguration. A 20' wall can be reconfigured into a 10' or even an 8' wall. Additional shapes such as serpentines, L-shaped walls and U-shaped walls can also be made. Since the graphics are produced in a single seamless piece, it would be necessary to order graphics for each size you plan to use, but only one set of hardware would be necessary, making the Expolinc Fabric System one of the most cost effective fabric trade show displays. It's also possible to substitute different shaped profiles to create a different shaped fabric wall using the same graphic. For example, a straight wall can be turned into a inner or outer curved wall by swapping the straight profiles for the appropriate curved ones.

The graphics for the Expolinc Fabric System are finished with a silicone edge strip at the top and bottom. Installing the graphic is as simple as inserting the silicone strip into the channel in the top and bottom profiles. Sliding the bottom profile connectors down the pole puts the graphic under tension to pull the graphic tight and smooth. The graphic wraps around to the back side of the display and is held in place at the top and bottom by special holder clips to make a clean and finished edge. Be sure to watch the setup video in the Instructions tab to appreciate just how simple the setup is for this display.

The fabric graphics are dye-sublimated on our Triple White fabric using the latest printing technology to provide rich, vibrant color images that are durable and can be dry cleaned. These graphics are printed and hand-sewn in the USA to ensure the highest quality and proper fit. Regardless of any marketing claims, there is no such thing as a wrinkle-free fabric. Fabric graphics are wrinkle resistant, but after folding them and packing them with the display, they are guaranteed to be wrinkled. They smooth out to some extent when installed and under tension, but steaming is the best method to completely remove wrinkles.

We offer Expolinc Fabric System displays at the most popular height of 8', but any height wall from 45" to 114" can be made so contact us if you need a different size. We purposely made the display to have an overall height of just under 8' so it could be used in rooms with 8' ceilings. Since the support poles are telescopic, and the bottom graphic rail can move approximately 10" up from it's lowest position of about 1" off the floor, the overall height can be raised to approximately 105" by moving the bottom rail to it's highest position and adjusting the support poles to the appropriate height.

The Expolinc Fabric System 20x8 Curved Wall can be configured as an inner curved or outer curved shape. Also, a popular option is to only curve 1 or 2 sections at each end to make a straight wall that's subtly curved inwards or outwards on the ends. Because a 20' wide display will curve more than a 10' wide model, this option allows the graphic to be completely visible from the front, and takes up less floor space than a complete curve. The product photo shows an example of this. When ordering this display, we will contact you to discuss your options to make sure you get exactly the right shape for your needs. Each Expolinc Fabric System 20x8 Curved Wall includes 3 telescopic support poles with steel bases, fabric graphic, 4 fabric end holders, 12 straight or curved graphic profiles, 10 profile connectors, bags for the poles, profiles, graphic and bases, and the Expolinc Standard Case XL to hold everything. The shipping case can also convert to a counter with the addition of the top and graphic wrap. LED lights are also available and all of these accessories can be found in the Related Products tab. Like all Expolinc display, the Fabric System is a quality product with Swedish design that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Expolinc Fabric System 20x8 Curved Wall tension fabric display has an assembled size that varies depending on the configuration, but the graphic will have a visible size of 238" x 92".

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Specs & Templates

Expolinc Fabric System 20x8 Curved Walll Specifications

  • Visual graphic size: 238" x 92"
  • Overall graphic size: 246" x 93"
  • Overall display height: 95"
  • Footprint: varies by configuration
  • Shipping size: 47" x 20" x 17"
  • Shipping weight: 110 lbs
  • Display warranty: Lifetime


Graphic templates are available in pdf and eps formats. Click their icons to download them.


Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your graphic and show the live area as well as the bleed portion of the graphic and any areas that aren't visible with the display is in use.


pdf file   pdf file



Setup Instructions

The instructions and video demonstrations may not be for this specific display, but are representative to show how the display is assembled and how the graphics attach.

pdf file


Video Instructions

The video below shows the setup of a few different sizes and shapes of the Expolinc Fabric System so you can see how easy it is for a single person to set up the display. It also shows some different shapes that can be created.


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