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Expo Pro Table Top

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$55.00 each

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The Expo Pro Table Top retractable banner stand displays a banner with a visible size of 15" x 24" to 36".

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$55.00 each

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$55.00 each

Product Questions

is there a recommended resolution for PDF files submitted for the banners for the 15" tabletop pro?
What is the time frame for delivery once the banner has been received by Trade Sow Displays Pro?


The Expo Pro Table Top retractable banner stand is our newest table top display. This is a table top size of the popular Expo Pro banner stand, so it has all the same features including adjustable tension, and direct mounting to the roller with a snap rail, but we've also added a leader with adhesive to provide two options for attaching the banner to the roller. While most customers like the snap rail mounting to the roller because it requires no adhesive or special treatments on the banner, some people prefer a traditional adhesive attachment, so we provided both to allow each customer to use the method they prefer. The stand comes with the leader attached to the roller with the snap rail, so it can be used or easily removed while attaching the banner to the roller.

Designed as a replacement for the Executive table top banner stand, the Expo Pro table top banner stand takes up less table space, has no loose parts that can get lost, and offers superior quality manufacturing compared to the Executive table top, while selling for the same price. It also has the added features mentioned above, making it an excellent value and our new favorite table top retractable banner stand.

For a short time after the Executive Table Top was discontinued, we offered the Metro Table Top banner stand as a replacement. We received a great deal of feedback from customers which led us to develop the Expo Pro Table Top. For any customers who still wish to purchase the Metro Table Top stand, it is still available even though we no longer offer it on our website, so contact us and we can help you with the order.

These table top banner stands were created because of our dissatisfaction with the other tabletop retractable banner stands on the market, which are all cheap, promotional products that are intended as disposable, short term displays, or full size banner stands made shorter for use on a table. The Executive table top banner stand was a huge success for us, so we decided to improve the design further for greater reliability so it would appeal to even more customers. The results are our finest quality table top banner stand to date. One of the requested features is for the height range to be a more popular 24"-36", so we made that change. It's also possible to remove the bottom section of the pole to make shorter banner heights, if necessary, so contact us if you need a special banner height that is outside the normal range.

Also called tabletop roll up banner stands or pull up banner stands, this style of table top banner display features a spring loaded roller that holds the banner under tension, and rolls it safely into the base for storage between uses. The Expo Pro Table Top uses a snap style top rail to attach to the top of the banner. This is the most versatile style of top rail as it will securely hold almost any type of banner material without adhesives or other special treatments. As mentioned above, the bottom attaches to the roller via a snap rail as well, or to a standard plastic leader with double sided adhesive that we've attached to the snap rail at the factory. This allows either method to be used. The support pole has two sections connected by bungee, with a lever lock adjustable section on the upper part of the pole. This gives the stand a range of visible heights from 24" to 36" tall.

The adjustable tension knob makes it easy to add more tension or completely re-tension the roller, if that should become necessary. The tension can also be completely released when changing banners, rather than having to lock the roller first, for those who prefer to do so.

The Expo Pro Table Top comes in anodized silver with removable polished end caps for professional look. It also has adjustable feet that allows the display angle to be fine tuned, and a padded travel bag with shoulder strap is also included.

The Expo Pro Table Top displays a banner with a visible size of 15" x 24" to 36".


Recommended Accessories

For those who wish to add a light to their table top banner stand, the Silver Light or Silver Light LED are the recommended options. Other complementary products such as table covers and table runners are also available in the Related Products tab.

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Specs & Templates

Expo Pro Table Top Specifications

  • Banner width: 15"
  • Visible Banner height 24" to 36"
  • Total Banner height 30" to 42" including 6" at the bottom that won't be visible when installed in the stand
  • Overall display height: 38.75" maximum
  • Footprint 17.25" x 6"
  • Shipping size: 21" x 7" x 7"
  • Shipping weight, stand only: 5 lbs
  • Shipping weight, with banner: 7 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Graphic templates are available in pdf format. Click their icons to download them. If you don't have a pdf viewing application, you can get Acrobat Reader free by clicking on the following link.

pdf file


Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your banner and show the live area as well as the leader portion of the banner that attaches to the banner stand and isn't visible when the stand is in use. If you would like a banner design, we offer those for a reasonable fee in the Banner Designs category.


When using the template, be sure to hide or delete any of the template elements or instructions that are visible and not covered by your design. Any template elements that are visible in the file you submit will be visible in the final print as well.

24" Tall Template

pdf file


36" Tall Template

pdf file



Setup & Graphic Installation Instructions

pdf file


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