Trade Show Display Trends To Be Aware Of In 2023

If you go to any trade show, you’re going to see trade show displays all over the place. That’s because businesses use these to promote their products and services. But in a sea of banners and displays, you’ll need to do something to stand out from the rest.

In this post, we discuss several trade show display trends that’ll help you participate in trade shows in 2023. In short, if you incorporate digital trade show displays, customizable trade show display stands, and sustainable banners in your next trade show booth, you’re bound to have a good time.

The Rise Of Digital Trade Show Displays

Technology is changing the way trade show displays are designed and used. Here’s how:

  • Digital trade show displays allow booth attendees to interact with your brand.
  • These displays are more engaging, as they’re bright and often featuring moving text/graphics.
  • They help with data collection.
  • Digital trade show displays will help your business stand out from the rest, especially if the booths around you are only using basic displays.

The Popularity Of Customizable Trade Show Display Stands

More and more businesses are realizing that trade show displays are a marketing tool that’ll never go out of style. Here’s why they’re great at trade shows.

  • There are many customizable trade show display stands There are pop-up displays, banner stands, and modular displays.
  • You can utilize tension-fabric trade show displays and showcase a number of your products with attention-grabbing text and pictures.
  • You can use modular displays so booth attendees have dynamic, interactive experiences.
  • If your display is customized and unique to your brand, it’ll stand out from the competing displays that surround it.

The Importance Of Sustainable Trade Show Displays

The vast majority of trade show participants are finding ways to incorporate eco-friendly tools and materials in their presentations.

  • Trade show displays can be made of eco-friendly materials. Use these to show your brand cares about the environment.
  • Use digital trade show displays; they last a long time and you won’t need several fabric banners made.
  • Try to use reusable displays; the more you can get out of a single product, the better it’ll be for the environment.


You need to keep up with the latest trade show display trends if you want to make your next trade show a successful one. A good banner can tell your company’s story, display your products, and entice event attendees to learn more about what you’re offering.

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