5 Ways to Use New Technology at Trade Shows

Incorporating Technology in Your Trade Show Booth

Technology today is an important part of trade shows whether it is for designing a booth, using social media, tracking leads, or including virtual reality presentations. Though human interaction plays a vital role in making trade shows successful and fostering new business relations, technology has created a niche for itself in business. Here are ways to integrate technology in trade show displays:

Digital Marketing

The old method of giving out brochures and informative content to visitors has nearly been eradicated as most business people now prefer to send out those details to customers via email. This method saves money and is eco-friendly too as people tend to throw away printed material. Information sent to an inbox can be referred to when needed and will more likely be looked over. Digital catalogs are the new trend to let prospective buyers view brand’s entire product lineup with just a few clicks.

Interactive Media

To attract people to the booth and keep them engaged, invest in technology that can let them virtually experience your products if actual product demonstrations cannot take place. This can be done through interactive trade show displays and virtual reality software within the booth in the form of touch screens and VR goggles.

Social Media

The multitude of social media platforms available allows brands to directly interact with customers to share information about new products and gauge their views about them. Businesses can use social media to share pictures, videos, and product catalogs with prospective business partners and followers. It can also be used to announce contests and special offers to encourage visitors to go to the booth at the trade show. Then pop up banners can be arranged at the entrance with directions to direct visitors towards the booth. Social media can be a great way to engage customers both inside and outside of the trade show venue.

Display Screens

Large monitors at the trade show booths playing informative videos are an interesting tool to attract the attention of people walking by. If attendants are busy with product demonstrations or explaining their details to potential customers, new visitors can watch these videos to learn about the brand and its products.

Mobile Applications

Do you want to turn prospective leads into customers? Ask them to download your app to keep in touch by sending details of product catalogs, new product information, promotional content, and other forms of push notifications.


Using a combination of these tips can help you to attract the attention of those walking by and engage potential customers.