Accessories & Parts

This category is where you'll find parts and accessories for all our trade show displays. This includes user replaceable parts as well as optional accessories that add functionality to the various displays. The parts include items such as graphic mounting strips, connectors, latches, support poles and banner stand cassettes. We carry parts for all the models we sell, and in some cases for other models as well, so contact us if you need a part and you can't find it here. Accessory items in this category include travel bags, shipping cases, display lighting, literature racks and table covers.

When ordering replacement parts, be sure to select parts that were designed for the model of display you have. In general, parts will only fit the specific display they were designed for. Small differences between parts that look similar may prevent them from working correctly in a different display, so it's best to only order parts for the same model unless you check with us first to verify compatibility.

  • Hopup Backwall Dimensions Accessory Kit 1
      For 3x3 Hopup

    Hopup Backwall Accessory Kit 1

  • Hopup Backwall Dimensions Accessory Kit 2
      For 3x3 Hopup

    Hopup Backwall Accessory Kit 2