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Wave Lite

$140.00 each
The Wave Lite double sided retractable outdoor banner stand is designed for stability when used outside, but has the looks to be used indoors as well. The Wave Lite displays two graphics with a visual area of 33.4" wide x 80" high.
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$140.00 each

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$140.00 each

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The Wave Lite double sided retractable outdoor banner stand is designed for stability when used outside, but has the looks to be used indoors as well. Intended for occasional outdoor use in winds up to 15 mph, the Wave Lite provides an alternative to people who want to use a banner stand for outdoor events without breaking or voiding the warranty on an indoor stand that wasn't designed to go outside. It can be used either single or double sided, and the spring loaded support pole allows the banner to bend in the wind and return to it's original position. The two stabilizing legs attach easily to the base to prevent the stand from tipping, and the included ground stakes can be used through holes in the legs for even greater stability on soil, grass or other soft surfaces. When used on hard surfaces in strong or gusty wind conditions, sand bags can be used on the legs to provide extra stability.

The Wave Lite includes adjustable tension, so extra tension can be added if needed, or the stand can be completely retensioned if necessary without having to disassemble the base. When used indoors, it's possible to use the stand without the legs at all, but the Wave Lite is not as stable without them so in areas where the stand may get bumped or pushed, using the legs is still recommended for greater stability.

Because the banner can bend almost to the ground in strong winds, it's important to place the stand in an appropriate area where the banners flexing in the wind won't strike someone. If used in public areas, the legs should be anchored with the ground stakes or sand bags in case an unexpected strong gust of wind causes the stand to move or tip.

As with all our banner stand displays, we have selected banner options that we think work the best, but we have many other materials that can also be used. If you would like a different banner than those shown as options for this stand, browse through the Banners category under Printing for Indoor Use from the main menu above where you can choose any banner material you would like.

The Wave Lite double sided retractable outdoor banner stand displays two graphics with a visual area of 33.4" wide x 80" high.

Comes complete with its own padded carrying bag.


Looking for a higher-end model?

The Wave Pro is higher end model that displays 31.5" x 77.75" banners. It's a heavy duty professional quality stand that is designed for extended outdoor use and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Looking for a less expensive model?

There isn't a less expensive retractable outdoor banner stand, but in a different style of the stand, the Zippy is a less expensive option that holds a 27.5" x 69" banner.


Recommended Accessories

A hard shipping case is a great accessory for any retractable banner stand that gets shipped even a few times a year. By helping to prevent damage in transit, it not only prolongs the life of your banner stands, but it also makes it less likely you will end up at a trade show or event with broken stands. The 12x38 Smartpak IQ case is the recommended model for the Wave Lite, and it will hold the stand inside its individual travel bag for extra protection along with space for accessories. You can find these cases by scrolling through the items in the Related Products tab or in the Shipping Cases section of the main menu.

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Specs & Templates

Wave Lite Specifications

  • Banner width: 33.4"
  • Banner height: 80" plus 6" bottom bleed
  • Overall maximum display height: 84"
  • Footprint with feet attached: 35.5" x 32"
  • Footprint without feet attached (indoor use only): 35.5" x 7"
  • Shipping size: 37" x 12" x 5"
  • Shipping weight, stand only: 19 lbs
  • Shipping weight, with banners: 25 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Graphic templates are available in pdf and eps formats. Click their icons to download them. If you don't have a pdf viewing application, you can get Acrobat Reader free by clicking on the following link.

pdf file


Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your banner and show the live area as well as the leader portion of the banner that attaches to the banner stand and isn't visible when the stand is in use. If you would like a banner design, we offer those for a reasonable fee in the Banner Designs category.

pdf file   pdf file


Setup and Banner Installation Instructions

pdf file


Customer Reviews

  • Base unit seems very durable
    Review by Daveon 8/17/2017
    Bought one of these for a client based on the recommendation of the Customer Service rep. I was originally considering the Thunder Outdoor Banner instead, but noticed that the Wave-Lite looked nearly identical...for about $50 less. Turns out that it is basically the same unit...there's just a minor design change to the top channel that attaches to the banner. What's great about this unit (the Wave-Lite) is that the center pole has a spring-type mechanism near the base that allows the pole to bend slightly in a light wind. Plus, the kit comes with the legs that easily attach to allow it to also withstand a heavier breeze. And, it comes with four metal stakes that can be driven into the ground or other non-solid surface to aid in keeping the entire unit upright.

    Another advantage is that you can install one or two banners.

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