Modulate 10' Kit 1

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$2,542.00 each

NOTE: The turn around time for this display in our system is 9 business days to reflect the worst case scenario given to us by the manufacturer. It's possible that the display can be produced much faster so contact us if you're interested in the Modulate but need it faster than what the system is indicating and we'll work with the manufacturer to try meet your timeline.


The Modulate 10' Kit 1 is made up of the Modulate Banner 4, Modulate Banner 6 and Modulate Banner 3, and comes with a hard shipping case.

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$2,542.00 each

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$2,542.00 each

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The Modulate system of connectable, magnetic tube frame banners is an incredibly simple, flexible and versatile system for building fabric trade show displays of virtually any shape and size. Each of the 14 individual Modulate Banners can be used alone as fabric tube frame displays, or they can be easily joined together at any angle thanks to the powerful magnets inside the frames themselves. Simply place the frames next to each other and they stick together securely thanks to powerful internal magnets. With the various shapes, angles and sizes of Modulate Banners, it's possible to create an unlimited variety of unique displays such as back walls, booths, conference rooms, storage areas, or virtually any shape and size you can imagine.

Since Modulate Banners connect magnetically, it's easy to add additional sections to an existing display, reconfigure the display into a different shape by connecting the sections in a different order or at different angles, break up the display and use the sections individually, or create multiple smaller displays from one larger configuration to fit the needs of each location and event. Each frame has a zippered, pillowcase fabric graphic that can be single sided with a white or black back, or printed double sided for viewing from any direction. Whether used individually, or as part of a larger, more elaborate display configuration, Modulate Banner displays are easy to set up thanks to simple, tool-free assembly featuring push button tube connections and twist-lock feet. And, the unique shapes of the frames are sure to get attention

The fabric zippered pillowcase graphics are dye-sublimated using the latest printing technology to provide rich, vibrant color images that are durable and can be washed, if necessary. Compared to other styles of tension fabric displays, the zippered pillowcase graphics are our favorite style because, once installed, they offer the best looking finished product. Regardless of any marketing claims, there is no such thing as a wrinkle-free fabric. Stretch fabric graphics are wrinkle resistant, but after folding them and packing them with the display, they are guaranteed to be wrinkled. The reason they are called wrinkle-free is because they are stretched tight when attached to the frame which is assumed to smooth out any wrinkles, and zippered pillowcase graphics pull tighter and smoother than other types of graphic attachment.

The Modulate 10' Kit 1 is made up of 3 Modulate frames; Modulate Banner 4 in the convex shape with the rounded left corner, Modulate Banner 6 in the concave shape, and Modulate Banner 3 in the convex shape with the rounded right corner. Banner 4 and Banner 3 have a visible graphic size of 38" x 95.5", and Banner 6 has a visible graphic size of 49.5" x 95.25". The Modulate 10' Kit 1 includes the frames with feet, zippered pillowcase graphics for each frame, travel bags for each frame, and a hard shipping case.


Things to Keep In Mind

When designing graphics for multiple Modulate frames, don't have elements that span across multiple frames unless the alignment of those elements isn't critical. With stretch pillowcase graphics, it would be difficult to have the elements line up across multiple frames accurately, even though some of the product renderings depict designs like that. Solid colors, textures or other elements that don't require precise alignment are the best options. Keeping elements from spanning multiple frames also allows greater flexibility to rearrange the frames into different shapes and configurations.


Recommended Accessories

Spotlights are a popular, inexpensive option that will help your display stand out and get noticed, and hard shipping cases are a good idea when you need to ship the displays or check them on an airline. These can all be found in the Related Products tab.

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Specs & Templates

Modulate 10' Kit 1 Specifications

  • Overall display height: 96"
  • Footprint: 111" x 23"
  • Shipping size: 56" x 18" x 18"
  • Shipping weight: 83 lbs
  • Display warranty: Lifetime

Graphic templates are available in pdf format. Click their icons to download them.

Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your graphics and show the live area as well as any required bleed

Modulate Banner 4, Convex with Rounded Left Corner Template

pdf file

Modulate Banner 6, Concave Template

pdf file

Module Banner 3, Convex with Rounded Right Corner Template

pdf file


Setup Instructions

pdf file


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