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Adjustable Tension Fabric Displays

 Adjustable tension fabric trade show displays

Adjustable tension fabric displays are a special category of trade show displays that were designed for maximum visual impact and simple set up. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to assemble by a single person in a matter of minutes without tools. These innovative displays are made up of a series of upright supports with stabilizing bases, and various sizes and shapes of graphic rails that hold the fabric graphics. The graphics are held under tension to ensure they are smooth and tight by either a spring tension mechanism on Triga displays, or by adjustable graphic rail supports. These displays are incredibly versatile and reconfigurable, so the same components that allow for a straight wall display can be arranged to form a tower or L shaped wall. With Triga displays, most of the configurations can be made single or double sided, or even backlit. The support poles are either telescopic, as with the Expolinc Fabric System, or can be made at various heights to create anything from low barrier walls to giant towers. Counters, tables and kiosks can also be made from the Triga components, so a complete trade show display can be made from a single system, and it can be reused in a different shape and size at the next show simply by changing graphics.

One of our favorite features of Triga trade show displays is the option of backlighting almost any configuration. LED edge lighting is used along the top and bottom cross bars to provide the illumination for both single and double sided configurations. Backlit trade show displays are popular because they stand out among the crowd of displays at most shows, which is the goal of every display. Since there aren't many options for backlit trade show displays, this is another reason to consider a Triga tension fabric display when you're ready to make your next trade show display purchase.

Adjustable tension fabric trade show displays are lightweight and simple to set up without the need for tools or professional installation. There are so many shapes and sizes available that we aren't able to show them all, so if you have the need for a shape or size display that isn't shown here, please contact us for assistance.

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