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Portable Banner Stands

 portable banner stands

Portable banner stands for trade shows include the models that are not retractable, but instead require the banner to be removed and manually rolled up when packing the display between events. While retractable banner stands are the most popular type of trade show banner stand, some customers prefer these portable models because they have no mechanism. Generally, this means they are less expensive and with fewer moving parts, they tend to be very reliable, even when subjected to abuse during shipping that might damage a retractable banner. Other customers prefer this portable banner stand style because they can be extremely light weight, and when hand carrying the displays over a distance, that can be a big advantage.

Most of the portable banner stands in this category are tension back banner stands where the banner is held at the top and bottom by a support rail, and the banner is held under tension by a support pole that connects between those rails. They tend to be very light weight and compact so they are easy to travel with, but they do take a little longer to set up and take down compared to retractable models, and more care must be taken when handling the banner so as not to crease or damage it. Another benefit to tension back banner stands is that when set up, the banner is nearly the only thing visible as it hides the stand, which makes a great impact. This also makes it possible to place multiple stands together with almost no gap between them to make for a larger display, where retractable banner stands will have a space between the banners because the bases are larger than the banner itself.

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  • Space Lite 24 Portable Banner Stand
    banner extra Banner Size 23.6 x 71

    Space Lite 24

  • Lightning Portable Banner Stand
    banner extra Banner Size 31 x 78