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Self Packing Briefcase Displays

Briefcase table top display

Briefcase displays are a special style of table top trade show displays that are also very popular for presentations. They are extremely easy to transport, and are quick to set up and take down, which makes them ideal for a wide range of uses. At the end of a show, everyone can appreciate the way these self-packing briefcase displays simply fold up with the graphics attached to form their own carry case. Smaller models can be carried like a briefcase, which is where they get their name, and the large models have wheels and carry handles for easier transport. The face of these displays are covered with velcro receptive fabric, and the graphics have velcro on the back to make for quick and easy graphic changes.

There are several models available in this category, with some available in multiple sizes to allow them to be used for different purposes. Some models include a removable header panel, and for others it's optional. Lights are included with some displays, and are optional on others, but not every model works with lights, so look at the details of each display to make sure it has the features you need. Contact us for help in chosing a display or with any questions.

  • ShowStyle Pro 32 Self-Packing Table Top Briefcase Display
    graphic extra Graphic Size 64 x 32

    ShowStyle Pro 32 Briefcase Display

  • ShowMax Self-Packing Table Top Display
    graphic extra Graphic Size 73.75 x 36

    ShowMax Self-Packing Table Top Display