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Trade Show Pedestals: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Your Next Trade Event

This post is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the trade show world: pedestal booths. Pedestal stands are like an unassuming breakfast cereal. They aren’t fancy like the retractable banners or table top pullup banner stands.

But they are a trusted accessory that occupies center-stage at your trade show booth. While pedestals aren’t the focus of your booth, they do much of the heavy lifting to advertise on par with newer, flashier options like digital trade show displays. Read on to learn all about their uses for exhibitions.

What Are Pedestal Stands?

Also known as kiosks, counters, or podiums, a trade show design is incomplete without pedestal stands. It is the physical counter that hosts the exhibitors and their inventory. The booth top has a counter where you place the items you want to showcase to your audience. The emphasis here is on the product. But that doesn’t mean the booth on which the product is displayed should be empty. You can add inline displays, hang a fabric banner, or showcase printed graphics on the stall. These additions hook in your target audience even before they reach your booth.

Most exhibitors display their company’s logo on the pedestal. This graphic is fine if your attendees recognize your brand just by its logo. However, you can get creative to attract them by utilizing this prime real estate. How about adding a funny one-liner or a witty question that stops an attendee in their tracks? Get creative and use pedestal stands to start a conversation with your audience.

That said, there’s the temptation to cover every inch of the podium with graphics and banners. However, doing so can make your entire booth feel cluttered. Balance the graphics with intentional usage of white space to make your message stand out.

Types of Trade Show Pedestal Stands

The range of designs, sizes, and functions of trade show pedestal booths is immense. You can get them fully assembled or partially assembled as per your requirements. Some come with discrete counters with locking storage, while others include LED lighting for backlit graphics. Here are some of the popular trade show pedestal-stand types:

  • Custom pedestals: These come fully assembled and are usually made from wood. You can customize the counter to suit your specific requirements, including size, design, finish, materials, accessories, and shape.
  • Parsons: If you’ve ever walked into an Apple store, you may have noticed the hollow table-like pedestals. These are parsons, and they are more tables than counters. Despite their shallow frame, you can include accent lighting and charging stations to make them more appealing.
  • Backlit: These are the most popular models right now. You can light up your logo or brand name using LED strip lighting to create an excellent effect. Many come with fabric banner stands that light up as well.
  • Hybrid/Modular: These come partially assembled, and you set them up at the trade show. Since they come as separate pieces, they are lighter and easier to transport. Even if you lose or break one part, you can get the damaged part replaced without having to redo the entire stand.
  • Portable: Like the modular stand, portable pedestals can be easily transported. The difference is that you don’t require special tools to assemble these stands.

Use Pedestal Stands Creatively to Hook Your Audience

That’s it! You’ve learned all about the humble trade show pedestal stand. Browse different models and types and choose the best counters that meet all your requirements. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, connect with custom display banner makers. We can get one designed to match your specific needs.