How to Get More Trade Show Booth Traffic in Two Simple Steps

Smart Ways to Exhibit at Trade Show Events and Conferences

Trade show attendees expect a lot more out of your booth than they did in previous decades. Just because you build a trade show booth with your exhibits doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically attract your customers. They expect something that leaves them with a lasting memory. Virtual reality sessions, special trade show deals, contests, celebrity talks, and live product demonstrations can help visitors remember your brand. Charity donations can immediately shift the perception and attitude of your brand, thereby making an impact on millennials. Here are two important ways to catch the attention of your target customers while drawing them to your booth without pressure.

Optimize Your Trade Show with Geo-Targeting

Geofencing is a powerful tool that helps businesses and organizations target conference and event attendees even after they stepped away from your trade show booth. Geofencing uses GPS and other routing algorithms, allowing you to send push notifications within the geofenced area. Several savvy brands use location-based advertising for promoting their booth, products, and services. This targeting strategy lets you tag gadget users within the perimeter of the event and allows you to send powerful marketing alerts to drive event attendees. Geofencing s a great way to cut through noises and advertisements of other competitors on the floor.

You can use geofencing to convey different messages at various intervals of time. Send a welcoming message to let your visitors know about your booth location and business details. If you’re offering promotional items, convey a message such as, “We welcome you to the XYZ show. Stop by ABC at West entrance to receive our valuable giveaways.” Doing this will drive traffic to your booth. Similarly, you can get feedback from your target audience by sending a survey asking about their booth experience. This way you can get their contact details easily for follow up purposes. Geofencing is one strategy that can engage and enhance your attendees’ overall experience.

Design a Cool Trade Show Booth

When it comes to exhibiting your products and services, there are many ways to improve your booth design. Depending on your business context and the positioning of your products, choose high-quality trade show displays that communicate your brand message across the exhibit hall. Consider using a unique theme with attractive fabric trade show displays and incorporate cutting edge technology for bringing your brand identity to life. Color, light, and motion are the three factors people respond to the most. Choose color schemes wisely because they can subconsciously trigger emotions. The right blend of colors sparks the visitor’s curiosity without needing to say a word. Introduce a motion element to attract more audience to your booth. From product demonstrations and moving lights to LED video walls, animations, and kinetic sculptures, your motion gets noticed easily. Provide a vibrant and bright booth presence by incorporating strategic lighting with directional sounds.

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