Tips for Staffing a Successful Trade Show Booth

Maximize Your Trade Show Success with a Strong Exhibiting Staff

Trade show exhibiting is one of the cost-effective and profitable ways for promoting your company, its products, and services. Apart from eye-catching booth designs with fabric banner stands and other trade show displays, and valuable giveaways, a well-prepared booth staff is the number one lead attraction strategy that’ll improve the quantity and quality of your sales pipeline. The success of any trade show depends on the way your staff interacts with prospects and booth attendees on the show floor. It is critical to have your exhibiting crew enthusiastic, motivated, knowledgeable, and well-trained, that way you can maximize effectiveness and the reach of your brand. Here are a few ways to train your staff so they achieve superior results in your marketing goals:

Practice the Sales Pitch

Choose your best, most charismatic and smartest employees for your trade show exhibiting staff. Prior to the event, have your staff rehearse a sales pitch that aligns with your overall branding message. The sales pitch should be in two forms: a short 15-minute pitch to grab the customer’s attention and a detailed sales pitch to demonstrate the value of your products to interested prospects. Advise them of the best practices for face-to-face selling so they can win over your customers. They must also possess an ability to answer questions on the spot, interact with different types of customers, and overcome any objections.

Listen to Customer Needs

Do not train your staffs to be too focused only on pitching your products—doing so may cause them to forget to listen to the needs of customers. If you don’t understand what your target audience expects from your business, failure could be just around the corner. The path to a customer’s heart is through listening. When your staff develops the ability to listen to the concerns of your customers, it strengthens the bond of trust which in turn helps to win your customers over. Listening to your customer feedback can help meet their needs and expectations. Have your staff be aware of repetitive problems reported by past clients to avoid dissatisfied customers in the future.

Understand the Grooming Standards

Since your trade show staff represents the face of your organization, it is essential to have your employees well dressed and greeting your visitors in a warm, professional manner. Physically, your trade show exhibit team should carry themselves well from body language to groomingand booth attire. Train them to use a welcoming body language that helps visitors to engage with the booth staff. Welcoming body language helps create a friendly atmosphere and provides a great chance for winning the goodwill of booth visitors. A well-groomed staff can project a professional image and stand apart from the crowd. Enforce grooming standards for having a polished appearance head to toe—polished representatives are more approachable. When they adhere to professional and uniform attire, it helps them impress customers at trade shows.

Product Training

Your customers are visiting your booth to learn about your products and services. Therefore, it’s essential that your staff be made up of employees who are highly knowledgeable about your company details. Make sure they gain adequate information, that way they can convey key messages to the booth visitors. Hand out product literature to every member of your trade show booth staff and coach them on how to demonstrate your products and services. Each booth staff should ensure they can communicate enthusiastically in order to build trust among the customers. Closely watch the booth staff practice and role play their interactions with one another to check whether they deliver the brand message consistently, accurately, confidently, and concisely.

Before you plan for a killer trade show exhibition, make sure to train your staff for improved lead generation and increased brand awareness. A successful staff is the key element for a successful trade show. When you bring the right people to your trade show booth, you’re setting yourself up for greatness.